Saturday, May 3, 2014

Big Bang thinking of you fan meeting.

Have to hold up on my thailand post awhile. 
i been just so lazy to on my laptop, and my laptop is dead i think... 
the stupid wifi is not working!!! 
i hate it, time to buy a macbook pro! 
so the title says it all. big bang thinking of you fan meeting. 
this meeting was like quite long ago already, but now i only manage to update it. =( 
sometimes i am just so fed up of my laptop!!! just wanted to throw it away. 
so i went for Big Bang Thinking of you fan meeting in Malaysia! 
hurray =D! 
i was a happy happy girl that i can get to see them so close! 
because i bought vvip tickets!
i get free light sticks! YAY! =D and a free tshirt. 
was waiting outside to line up to go inside. 
i have to admit that the event organizer SUCKS. 
they don't organize properly, no wonder they deserve my scoldings. 
sunway lagoon was like damn big, and i had to run from the top to the bottom
i almost vomitted when i reached to the bottom of sunway lagoon. 
all the teenagers was running so fast, i had no choice but to keep up! 
lol, free standing =( 
have to sacrifice my fats abit. 
me and my unnie =) 
we got new version of lightsticks. 
so happy happy! 
the stage wasn't quite far from me.. 
so i am pretty glad that i got the vvip tickets! 
they were like so close to me =( 
omg, i wanted to go up to the stage and hug them! 
seungri was sick when he was in malaysia, poor panda couldn't have any voice to sing. 
even when he speak it was like so soft. 
taeyang.. ooh my oppaaa! 
seungri was lip syncing. 
but i don't blame him, he couldn't even speak man! 
it wasn't clear, but it was gdragon. 
this mini fan meeting lasted for about more than two hours i think?
i took more videos than photos so the photos were kinda limited to upload here as you can see.... 
because it was raining, i was pouring wet. 
it looked like i just came out of a shower.. 
make up and eyeliner smudge... lol 
but it was surely worth it! 
to be frank, i am too lazy to upload the videos. =( 

Friday, April 18, 2014

The-oh-so-late thailand post

wulala~ UPDATE! =) 
haha, so busy with everything and my stupid laptop wifi thingy is not working! it is making me so frustrating. 
looking back at my blog post, i realised that i did not update about chinese new year. 
what the hell?! why i didn't do that?! 
but since it was so long ago, i decided not to update about it. 
basically is not much, because hell damn! 
i always lose money =='' the whole duration i was losing my money... 
speechless, even went up to genting i was also losing money~ talking about luck... 
well since i haven't updated about my long long time ago thailand trip post. 
i decided to do it now, because well my blog looked so lost. 
went to thailand with my family for 4 days... and hell it was hot there. 
i hate the sunny days, i love winter. 
this is me sitting in the store staring at my mum eating.. 
i love my nose,  it is real. don't believe you can come and touch it! 
so when we landed at thailand, my sister friend's family bring us for a nice thailand meal. 
which is think also quite costly, because it is inside the shopping mall. 
green curry.. missing it already! =( 
tom yum soup. it is much more tasty in thailand. 
this is i don't know what kind of vegetable is this... but it taste awesome~ 
this is the thailand version of popiah i suppose?
popiah is a dish in malaysia that chinese like to eat, go goggle it. lol 
it looks like this, but not that transparent... 
kinda looks like kangkung belacan here... 
water spinach is english for the word kangkung
this is some kind of rice crisps with gravy, is it counted as a snack? 
cause it taste and looks like snack to me. 
thai people, answer me. lol
day 1 we didn't not go anywhere much because i forgot what i was doing there... ==''
at night, we have another round of dinner again. 
which also looks expensive.... i think?
the famous pad thai.. honestly, when i came back from thailand.. 
i didn't want to eat pad thai anymore, i had enough in thailand and also tom yam! 
right now, i also have phobia towards it... hahaha don't ask me to eat thai food
this is also a famous dish in thailand, it looks kinda simple. 
rice, eggs, minced pork. a simple yet delicious meal. 
i forgot the name again, as usual. i don't remember the names! =( 
this is basically fishball soup with hor fun. lol! 
my sister ordered this.. lol~ god knows why.. 
seriously, the people in thailand have very small stomach i suppose?
their portion of food is so small, that it made me look like a giant eating food. 
because i just can't seem to get full!!! 
after dinner it is swensen time! =D~ 
yay, i love desserts... especially cakes and ice cream 
i ordered this, it has the rocky road ice cream which is very famous in america i suppose?
because i watch american tv shows and those people in the show like to order rocky road... lol
there is swensens in malaysia, but people are not into them so much here. 
we prefer haagen-dazs and baskin robbins, or even mcdonalds ice cream
mango sister had a weird taste for ice cream. hahaha 
because i only eat chocolate flavoured ice cream.
after everything, anoher round of food hunting at the night market in bangkok! 
i had this at the road side, i love eating at dirty places. xD! 
this is some sort of herbal chicken noodle soup. 
and how funny it is that thai people like to put sugar in everything they eat... 
i mean we do add a little sugar in food too, but they will add until that whole dish is so sweet.. 
that it is so sweet, it taste more like desserts... 
day 1 ended me being so fat and gained weight like hell.
but at the same time my stomach is happy, no point to complain right?
for i have the motto live to eat. HAHAHAHAHA
shall end this short post here. will post more about thailand trip soon again. maybe 1 month later. ==''

Saturday, March 8, 2014


I am sure by now that the news about the MH370 was everywhere around the world. 
and as a malaysian, i am pretty sad and feel sorry for the loss of the family of victim on board the plane. 
technically, until now... there are no affirmative reports on how the situation is right now
but i hope that the search continues, and pray for everyone safety. 
for the families all i can say is that don't lose hope.
for that is what keeps you going the most! 
let us all pray for the best.... 
will continue to update about normal life soon. 
still rearranging pictures. =) 

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hong Kong Trip

haha HELLO! lazy me =( only get to update my blog after january 2014 and after the chinese new year
pardon for my laziness !!! 
haha, i am pretty getting tired of my blog skins but i have no idea on how to change it... 
i really need help with that!! anyone that can help me with my blogskins? 
kindly do email me at 
thank youuu =3 
well, so now what's going on with my life? 
january 7th-12th 2014 
went to hong kong with my bunch of crazy friends! =) 
had a great great time there, eventhough my baby boy couldn't join me 
but well, i love travelling!! 
sponsor me for travelling please. xD! 
with bunch of lovelies... 
hong kong was cold, but i am loving the weather there. 
not so hot, cooling just like the aircond in my house! 
i seriously cannot stand malaysia's weather... =( 
but what to do? i am a malaysian! 
as you can see, my friend wrapped herself like a dumpling =='' 
while i am just wearing a simple sweater that's all~ 
this was in macau~ and i love the weather there. 
i always saw this beautiful building in the hong kong drama show.. 
when i get to see it in real life, i was amazed! 
it is so beautiful upclose... 
i never really once praise a building for being so beautiful, but this is really so beautiful.. 
had the most amazing egg tarts and also polo buns.. 
hong kong is famous for these snacks, and also alot of other stuffs. 
their restaurants really looks like the one in the drama show..
small, packed, noisy and hell of no manners! hahaha~ 
but i get to experience their true culture there, which is a good thing! 
some of you guys might be wondering, what the hell is this?! 
well, this is a bunch of siu mai, fishball and some other stuff that i don't really know.. 
since my cantonese was really bad, i usually won't do the speaking =( 
i would asked my friends to do it for me.. 
haha, i sucks at speaking cantonese!! 
back to the pile of thing on the top, well that is some street snacks! 
it tasted quite awesome, haha. 
spicy and bouncy! i really always wanted to tried curry fishball in hong kong and i glad i did it =) 
please go to hong kong, try it! 
well, my shop is in mong kok if you are wondering... 
couldn't exactly recall the name of the shop =( sorry! 
steam milk... 
something new for me to try! 
well, it is something like tau foo fa~ but this is the milk version of it! 
this is the BOMB! 
haha, it is just simple instant noodles with some spring onions, vege and chicken as you can see in the picture. 
but it taste awesome... xD! 
frankly speaking i been to hong kong for few days, almost everyday i will surely eat instant noodles. 
cause it is their culture, even restaurant serves instant noodles and it is considered a meal already. 
 if you didn't eat dim sum in hong kong, it means that you have never really experience hong kong yet!! 
we queued up for so long just to eat a simple meal of dim sum, hong kong people loves their dim sum~ 
chubby face me with the background scenery of hong kong during the night~ 
it was so pretty... i mean the scenery of course. 
lol, i definetly gained weight there in hong kong~ 
and alot alot of pimples there too =( 
so sadd!! my face was horrible when i came back to malaysia.. 
and until now it still hasn't recovered yet! 
god, why you are so cruel to me? T_T
my seemingly round face with a bit of fats in between. 
thank you to you tour guide for bringing us around! 
and never even got angry for us being so slow =) 
group photo of us~ 
and we actually waited the boat so that we can get a picture that feels like HONG KONG. 
haha, lame right? xD
another instant mee delicacies. 
haha well, this is the cheese noodle! 
it looks kinda cheesy, but it is not. 
my dream came true, as i look at this beautiful scenery! 
this food is kinda cute right? hahaha
it is called zha liong~ lol cantonese.. 
it is yau zha guai wrapped with chee cheong fun... dipped in soya sauce. 
it was nice, people there ate it with soya bean and also porridge too~ 
the famous tai lai loi kei pork bun in macau! 
it is kinda dry as the bun was quite hard... but the pork was juicy and nice! 
us in macau~ =) 
again, another instant mee. lol!!! 
haha, got really tired of instant mee already! =( 
ya, find this shop in macau! lol
they serve steam milk and also the instant noodle as shown above in the picture!!! 
lol, i am quite lazy to explain much~ 
cause basically it was quite an exciting trip, and stuffed like a fat pig there.. 
haha everyday also eat eat eat eat eat eat.. 
what i did there was really the routine of sleep,eat,walk,shop..
ahh, that life!! xD~ 
stay tuned for my next blog post! 
promise won't be long~ as i wanted to keep my this year resolution going on which is to update the blog more frequently!! 
i am a very lazy person, i am so lazy to on my laptop! =( 
will talk more about my chinese new year, escape room and my new hair colour! 
which obviously now has faded.. well, some of it is still there thou~ 

Friday, December 20, 2013


It is end of december. 
like what the hell?! already, again so fast another year passby! 
seriously i am getting old quite fast lately. ==''
haha so lately, been hitting up mission q lately =) 
if you don't know what mission q is... 
well, it is actually an escape game! 
woohoo, and hell i liked it alot! like every single escape game in malaysia i must try 
haha my to do list =P 
the first time i went with my partner in crime. 
lol, and actually got out in less than 1 hour 
well, honestly we left 10 minutes inside there~ 
and was shouting and panicking like hell inside ==''
and i went the second time with a bunch of friends
we lost =(!
we couldn't get out in time. 
it was so close! we were 63% complete! ARGHHH.. 
hahahaha, nevermind! 
i shall conquer you next time again~ 
christmas is coming really soon
well to be exact 5 more days =) 
well, i was actually thinking of cutting a fringe and also dying my hair again =( 
i am so bored of this semi black and brown colour! 
lol, hair! PLEASE INSPIRE ME ! 
say hello to my goddess~ 
pretty right?! 
don't know whether i should really cut my fringe like that. 
omg, she looks like a doll. 
i look more like a zombie. LOL! 
i look like a kid with my fringe. =( 
from this look i changed into a 
lol, not sure whether to cut fringe again anot. 
too many doubts =( 
afraid that it will not suit my face and all those! 
recap of 2013? haha no thanks. xD! 
i am so lazy to do all these things. 
i am still thinking... to cut or not to cut?!
to dye or not to dye. =( 

Thursday, November 14, 2013


November is here! 
and it is almost end of the year. =='' 
alot of things happen, ups and downs. 
everything was once in a fucked up state, but hey! I pulled it through~ 
let me tell you that, wow! 
parents, you are so romantic on valentine day! 
and congratulations for it. xD! 
i tend to mock my friends that have birthday on november, hahaha. 
they are meant for me to mock at =P! 
november 2nd babe Yumi Lim =) 
never though that i will become best friends with her. hahaha
seriously, she is the craziest bitch that i could ever have! 
when i am happy, sad everything! she would just be there for me, and for that i am glad to really met her in my life! 
i truly treasure her so much! haha, couldn't wait next year when we are going to overseas together! 
it is gonna be one hell of a ride xD~ 
gosh, i look so dark here! T_T
had an awesome meet up with these guys at yumi's birthday party! 
i seriously love this photo, i look so pretty xD! 
hahaha, why i am so perasan!? 
lots and lots of birthday! omg~ 
valentine's day must be really happening 21 years ago! xD~ 
By the way, taeyang's ringa linga is finally out. 
i am a little late to post this =='' 
but omg, he looks so amazing in the video as usual 
i love his blonde hair. 
finally some hair makeover! yay~ 
i was getting bored with his black hair.. lol!
but honestly, i don't like him tying braids. 
i prefer his mohawk hairstyle~ 
he is killing me. 
g-dragon new song is out too! WHO YOU! 
T.O.P is coming out with new song too. can't wait! 
his teaser picture is so cute 
i really couldn't understand what's with that bald baby. ==''
with that sepet eyes. lol. i have sepet eyes too (-.-)