Saturday, December 31, 2011

bye bye 2011

Gosh,i haven't update my blog in a month! 
my last post was on like december 1st
and now it is december 31st...
what gives? 
well. nvm its okay. 
there is some problem with my unifi internet connection that made me miss my blogging so much 
xD~ well i am kinda of a fail blogger actually =( 
well since today is the last saturday of 2011
might as well do a summary of 2011 in the next post
this year was amazing a blast.
had fun with this year even though there is many ups and downs in life
but well. this is life right? 
well this is me in january 2011
look at me in december 2011
me in 26 december 
hahaha. actually nothing changed much! 
the hair length is like the freaking same length.. 
my hair sucks =( 
by the way,still working on my diet plan. not a big outcome yet =(!
cause i can't control like my sister do
she is awesome shit sial ==''
no wonder she can lose weight so fast! 
had a fun 2011!
and welcome 2012! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


holla people!! =) 
it's december already! 
gosh,i am feeling so old already =( 
next year is 2012!
okay,have to face the fact that i am not a teenager anymore next year... 
sobs,call me aunty then. 
lol. this picture looks fake right? 
kinda big difference with my other picture right? xD
wrong,i didn't use any editor.
angle problem hahahahaha 
but i am still fat. ==''
with bii <3
i have nothing to update. 
but within this one month. 
i am going to fully utilize it!
yes,i am not working anymore. oh yeah. 
for this month =='' next year i am working again. 
back to boring life
next week is my finals. 
oh dies =( 

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Monday blues

Hi,today is MONDAY. 
omg,i seriously hate monday! 
never hated monday so much since i worked xD
i mean like seriously ? 
this picture exactly shows how i feel every single week. 
luckily it is school holiday now in the kindergarten
so my work load is much more lighter
all i have to do there is just play with them,that is easy. 
i can do that! 
updates about last week, last thursday was my sister's college dinner thingy? 
so of course went and support her! =) 
fine dining and me is a big nono
cause i never went to fine dining before 
the theme that day was marvel heroes
but too bad i don't have hero costume
lol,and don't expect me to wear it!
not sure what it was? but tasted something like peach? 
red wine. am not a big fan
i hate drinking liquior ==''
i only love beer
main course fish
of course took some photos with those costumes college students there!
minfei,mama,BATMAN and me
mama,minfei,BATMAN,ivan and me
sister,minfei,BATMAN,mama,me and CATWOMEN aka ashley
us again =D!

was a beautiful day for miss eeleng leong! 
where she turned 19 =) 
happy belated birthday once again! 
of course, had 2 celebration with her
one is with our high school friends
and other is with college friends
such a huge cake =) 
may cih joined us too on that day 
sorry,had to camwhore.
with jia jian! 
gosh,haven't seen him in a long time
with love eeleng leong 
take 2 with love!
of course,camwhored with loves too =)!

day 2 of celebration
also went to sing K!
this time redbox with yumi and love eeleng!

camwhore camwhore.
everywhere i'm camwhoring
yumi with birthday girl 
me with birthday girl
i haven't edited my pics in a long time using photoscape!

that's all 
buh bye. loves

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Real Kids in Real World

Gosh, I haven't update my blog in decades! 
sorry. i have been really busy =( 
the last week of school is next week!! YESH 
so update about my Real Kids concert 
the theme this year is Real Kids in Real World
lol. sounds kinda funny right? 
this freaking primary school look like a damn college? 
so can you imagine that my college looks like a crap? XD! 
some of my little kids. xD
lol. he got make up on that day. 
how cute xD~ 
excited for the concert. 
roses for the mother. 
how thoughtful of them 
my favourite 3 years old boy.
all of them are so excited.
some even cried on that day because they are too scared xD
meet my angel.
i love her so much!!

lol. it was hard for her to look into the camera
6 years old boy
i am his sister instead of teacher.
happy go lucky kid =D!
missy. camera is here la =(
she is not posing. 
see they are so hyped for the concert. 

lol. he is just so adorable!! 
i couldn't get any more photos 
cause i was so busy arranging the kids 
and doing lots of stuff during the concert.
but overall it was great to see my kids dancing on the stage. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Lately i been so busy! 
omg,even my blog is so dead!! =( 
so hi readers. actually i have not much to update? 
everyday i been so tired with my schedule.
not getting enough sleep,i can't stand this life!! 
i want out! I WANT FREEDOM. 
everyday is waking up,working,studying,gym if not then going for korean classes! 
yes,started my korean class quite long already 
so basically i can read korean,but still don't know what it means yet
yesh,i am on a diet plan now and i seriously it works on me like it worked on my sister
because because 
my mum said that I AM FAT. ==''
i admit that i am fat... lol! 
so i think i need to lose some few freaking KGs... 
hope i won't disappoint myself like i did today =( 
my weight went up again. FUCK 
look nice with cat eyes? 
or just simple eyeliner? 
i am bored,save me now! 
next week is my kids concert.. 
hope i can really update about that concert =P!
i love my kids.