Thursday, March 24, 2011

Big Bang 빅뱅

Since I have nothing to update about my life 
well,just update something I love!
I am totally into big bang nowadays
last time I just listen to their music,and don't even cared about who the hell singed it.. 
I just like big bang sang that song,don't even cared about the members in it =='' 
and now~ I am totally obsessed with them~ 
shit,i almost know everything about them
how they debuted? 
their real names?
what are they like?
well,if you stared until here and you don't know who is big bang 
I will show you!
this is big bang!
stare at them real long , they are hot! 
they debuted at 2006.
at that time I was still a fan of jay chou
*still is now*
this group consists of 5 members and i am loving all of them! 
of course the 1 member I am going to talk about is 
G-dragon aka Kwon Ji Yong
also the leader of big bang
and guess what?! 
he is a freaking leo =)!!!
but not same date with me =( 
i august 3rd , he august 18th T________________T
wonder who is G-dragon?
well here he is =) 
he is a leader,rapper in big bang 
neh,kinda cute lehh? xD! 
he is also cute,yeng,cool and funny ==''
he is like everything in a damn package?
that's why he is the leader? 
see ? yengg? =D! 

2nd member of course is T.O.P aka choi seung hyun 
born on november 4 
and he is smoking hot like hell! 
he is a rapper , beatboxer,actor
tell me he is HOT! 
he's so man... 
i think i am going to dieeee xD~ 
and can you believe that he was one an obese kid?!
and now? so hot like hell right?
i am not going to show the obese photo ==''
just go and find it yourself at google... 
he also as a cute side =D!
sorry picture was blurred. haha
but still as always cute =D~ 
he is also an actor in the show IRIS
damn me for missing that show! 

3rd member is taeyang aka dong young bae
born on may 18th 
wow,he is older than G-dragon exactly like 3 months 
and trust me, he is so gentleman 
even though i never meet him in person before ==''
but he feels like Ne-yo so much
famous for sexy abs.. xD!
he is a singer,dancer and also actor
hot betul sial tu semua saliva rolling bawa =X!!
famous for songs like wedding dress and also his damn killer dance moves =D!
which guy doesn't want his body? 0.o!!

4th member
seungri aka lee seung hyun 
yes he has the same name with T.O.P 
he is a singer , amazing dancer and actor
the smallest in the group 
born in december 12
and he is the same age with my sister?!
can you believe? 
people singing on stage and my sister is sleeping on bed 
and yes he wears specs 
you also can say that he is famous for his damn damn dark eye circle! 
so eeleng & linyng don't need to be afraid! 
got people help you all ''zin dai'' 

5th member
is daesung aka kang dae sung 
born on april 26th
and when he smiles 
he seems like he is blinded ==''
he is a singer, actor & mc
but he is kinda cute in some way 
well,some way ~ 
but his vocal is like! 
you should really go listen to his songs! 
it's like wow...blow your mind 
you can't believe he sang that well! 
and he is so buff ==''
looks at those abs! 
it's like OMG OMG OMG.. 
listen to big bang's song at my blog!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Redang trip =) !

sitHI readers!
sorry took such a long time to get this post updated,after I came back from Redang everything was a mess!
so my trip was last thursday =)!
at night, we departed from old klang road
about 9 hours of pain ass butt ride on the bus
so uncomfortable but I am not sleeping on the bus
instead I am playing with my IPHONE =(
I can't sleep while the whole bus load of people is asleep like they never slept before
and oh ya! my whole trip was taken by my iphone 4 due to not having any camera
our room and lunch table =P
sticking with maycih <3~
at night waiting for the bus =(
pale faces =X!
and after 9 hours of the pain ass butt ride
finally we reached TERRENGANU
hey yeah! 6.30 am ==''
and not a single soul in the street~
and yet people still open their coffee shop so early
after 9 hours of ride,just feel like wanna bath! whole body was sticking and hair was oily =X!
and my breakfast was pork ball noodles
yumm yum!!
but too bad when I ate until halfway
a stupid fly flew into my breakfast
therefore it drowned itself ==''
wasted half a bowl because of you!!
damn you stupid fly!
finally the sky gets brighter
but still no people =(
if it was kuala lumpur
I not sure what this river will be like?
rubbish everywhere? xD!
and then back to bus for another 1 hour ride to the jeti
not sure what I took this for ? =(
and you were expecting something nice for our arrival at the jeti right?!
everything was board ==''
even when we crossed the board,it can't manage to hold all of us =X!
and while we wait,camwhore =(
fyi,I was going with a big group around 70+ peoples~
and usually we are break into two groups
so have to manage all these things and you know that malaysians are like super slow poke when they do these things!
and after 1 hour of waiting we finally get to sit on our boat
and you realise after you reached the jeti
everything is life jacket ==''
even when you are playing in redang... life jacket it's like a must
awww,whole family on the boat
how cute?
and now I let you see the water of before,on the way and after reaching redang
before we reached...
on the way
reached =)!
can you see the difference?
it's like oh my godddd!!
and after you reached redang you can even see the fishes on the dock
and by the way I am not exactly stayed in redang
I stayed at the Redang Lang Tengah
one of the island in Redang i think?
and oh beautiful clear sands =0!
see? nice sands right?
and this was lunch.
kinda not the best thing i ate there,seriously when I was there
I miss KL so much!! I miss the foodddddd!!
after lunch resting at the dock =)

just freaking love my hairrrr =P
clear clear blue waterrr!!
but the water is super salty~ ==''
don't taste it...
and the 2nd night
we had bbq as our dinner, the most sastisfied meal that I had ever had since the time I stepped on the beach
x) the only thing there delicious is maggie cup like seriously xD~
and the night view was amazing!
even though it was so dark.. ==''
but the next resort lights was so nice if you watched from far
and also the stars in the night sky is so beautiful,too bad can't get to see a shooting star
and the night was amazingly windy ==''
shrunked sea cucumber
looks kind yucks =(
the diver that brought us to snorkelling and we always kacau him
so kesian sorry ya =X!
last photo before leaving redang =)!
had so much fun there =D!
did many things too
snorkelling,beach games and many more
a fun experience thou
should wait more picture on maycih's camera and many others camera xD!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

8th wave concert

Gonna update about the 8th wave concert that was held last friday at my college! 
well segi college =D! 
so after class went to summit old town meet up with my gang =)
had my breakfast,lunch & dinner at that time! 
argh,3 meals squeeze into 1 meal 
how amazing am I? =='' 
should try to break this habit =( 
edison.nicholas & maycih
mr keong =D! 
everybody IPHONE FEVER! 
and of course me!! =D! 
with mr.keong =)! 
ice lemon tea is just plain lovely <3~
the ticket!
lol. with buddy kinda dark =( 
with edison
with raymond 
while waiting for the event to start! 
they even gave us a book! lol 
damn him ==''
act sleeping isit?!!!
after waited neck until also long
the event finally started! 
oh,don't you just love love music? =) 
this girl is amazing!! 
she is like the god of violin ==''
this is i not sure what is it?
but they sing so so so well.. 
a clear shot thanks to big big dslr flash =D! 
and also saxophone and rock guitar! 
like wow xD! 
candles everywhere~ 
lol. actually they also did many things 
choir and also movies soundtrack 
which included alice in the wonderland,tron legacy,avatar and many more
but i am lazy to upload it due to rushing assignment like hell 
and i am also rushing this blog post as well =P
and of course lets not forget pictures 
chun yip ==''
he did that on purpose... 
at least a proper one =D! 
the guys 
keong again =) ! 
with cheryl =)~ 
with carmen 
and the day ends with a drink at the mamak with my gang ~ 
lovely day =) 
well shall bury myself in stress and assignment because soon i will get to go to redang and relax! 
OMGGG,relaxxxx =D! 
i really do need it