Sunday, April 24, 2011

Justin Bieber live in Malaysia!

this post is kinda late already.. 
gonna update about justin bieber concert here in MALAYSIA =)! 
and can you believe the crowd was amazingly big? 
this is red zone onlyy? 
and this is just like infront half of the crowd?
and there is still back half of the crowd lining up behind me that day~
I bought the rm498! 
and can see him real close =)! 
kinda worth it for me.. 
and after standing there lining up for almost 3 hours... 
we finally got in the stadium
well,actually i reach there at 2.30 
they let us in roughly about 5.30 or 6? 
i not sure.. 
the ticket there said the door opens at 7pm!
they can sit down inside there so happily enjoying the fan 
and we get to stand out there under the rain and so hott!! 
kinda close rightt?! 
totally worth it! 
went with zuo-shan! 
we were totally wet like hell =( 
before the big crowd came in .. 
later you will see the difference =) 
these are the lucky ones,cause they got shelter.. 
bet that time they were laughing at us.. 
cause we sat under the rain for almost 1 hour.. 
amazingly,only got sore throat!! 
nothing else =)! no sickness. yay~ 
sitting in the rain too long already.. 
cause my hand to become old and soggy xD! 
that time was 7.30 pm only.. still got a whole of crowd outside.. xD! 
waiting to come in! 
the stadium started to pack up... 
everybody is like waiting for justin bieber!! 
guess who is the yellow shirt guy? 
well,it's jin from! 
got to take a picture with him... 
yay,lucky me =) 
he's kinda funny! lol.. 
and soon after the long awaited moment..
the concert finally started with miss nina as the opening guest 
kinda flashy rightt? 
sorry,didn't actually set my lightning properly for the camera =( 
then after her performance 15 minutes of countdown till justin bieber appears on stage =P! 
scooter braun introducing the DJ.. 
yeah,this guy play all the clubbing for us to get high.. 
and everybody was jumping and screaming! 
and after 15 minutes! 
he appears =D! 
aahh,love me as opening =0
with his backup singer. 
he is actually down there.. xD!
this is the big big screen 
sexy back?
when he took off his jacket.. 
everyone screamed.. 
lol,he was saying that malaysia is was very hot.. 
yes indeed it is very hot in MALAYSIA.. 
get used to it.. =)
guitar session =)! 
everything was purple that day xD! 
i bet everyone died a little inside seeing him smile =)
can I just snatch his shoes? 
aww,after that he showed us a videos of his childhood..
ain't he just cutee? 
singing ABC .. xD! 
in the recording studio 
with usher 
and this made everyone screamed 
<3~ awww,we love JUSTIN BIEBER too =) 
singing never say never 
spot his be dazzled shoes... 
i freaking love his jacket =D! 
wow,i really got many photos!! ==''
and always a drum solo 
still hott. =D~ 
pray =) 
and of course.
surprisingly!! joel madden appeared on stage.. 
can't recognize him?
from good charlotte?! 
i really got lots of photos! 
and i am so so lazy to post it all out~
please check my facebook... 
go click on my facebook and see okayy? 
that's all.. 
i seriously haven't study anything for my finals yet which is on wednesday! 
and i think i am going to die