Saturday, June 18, 2011

europe trip day 2

day 2 of our europe trip
so woke up and get ready 
morning =D! 
sister and her boyfie walking down the street. 
seems peaceful. =) 
why malaysia is not like that? 
cooling and peaceful?
and oh ya! 
when you are crossing the road,trust me 
you are like the king of the world xD!
those car will totally stop for you if you are crossing the road~ 
damn awesome,so whenever i cross the road 
don't have to worry people will bang me to death 
because they won't! 
they will stop for you and let you pass =) 
went to have a walk at the morning market near my aunt place
totally no sun in overseas 
that why they can have morning market
i mean malaysia also have 
but i would be so lazy to get up and let the sun shine on me.. 
made in london x)~ 
sister and her boyfie in underground tunnel 
went to have a walk around central london 
i wanted to take the cab 
but so far away. =( 
and then a close up one =P! 
their taxi look so cute. 
exactly like in the movies 
i seriously don't know what is this?
due to not having a tour guide. 
but i think is a church? 
national gallery 
didn't went inside thou. 
not enough time 
i don't know this place.. 
but i just took it.. ==''
like i said
no tour guide,so... 
i wore until quite weird. 
cause =='' wear short pants mama nag
mama nag then wore leggings with short pants. 
saw someone perfoming football skills there. 
and my mum said 
all these is ''k-le-fe''
if you want, go watch david beckham
like i will be so lucky to be able to watch david beckham right? 
but their skills are still quite impressive. 
not sure promoting what. 
wanted to sit that double decker bus 
but is expensive 
so didn't sit maybe i will get a chance to sit next time 
saw this guard at don't know where
i really don't know where ==''
look at his armor shine =='' 
so shiny 0.o! 
i wonder what will he do if the horse poop-ed there? 
will he continue sitting there to smell the poop ? 
gotcha =P! 
love their buildings
design so nice 
i don't know what this mean? 
maybe is to remember the women who died in world war 2? 
and of course 
went to london,a must to see the big ben clock 
big ben! 
big ben is so nice. 
so big and nice =) 
these are the people who are against the government sending their families to war?
i think so... 
so pity them,camping at the road side. 
windy day! even my hair also kena blew like shit. xD! 
sweep panaroma
at the back got little bit cacat-ed... 
don't know what is this again. 
with sister =D~
camwhoring =) 
looky at the big ben. so nicey =) 
i want to hug those dogs.
they are so cute! 
eye of london. 
too bad didn't went to sit it.. 
because mama said expensive
didn't knew that i took so many pictures of big ben ==''! 
another one.. 
doinks ! 
er,not sure where again.. 
after went around central london 
had lunch at chinese street again
ate hong kong food
cafe de hong kong
forgot what beef noodle 
taste okay =) 
aunt's udon
maggie mee ==''
not sure what rice. but it's really big portion 
after that went to shopped at not sure where also! 
i forgot everything! ==''
stupid wifi at the house! 
okay,so my mum decided to pose with these two erm... ==''
bronze people? 
i not sure what you call it
i think my mum wanna date them? 
and their public toilet is amazingly cute for me
is automatic 
means you have to insert 50 pence inside this machine thingy and it will automatically open the door for you to logo in. 
and when you are inside,you have a maximum of 20 minutes in the toilet
hahahahaha! and they don;t care if you are shitting 20 minutes in the toilet,after 20 minutes the door will automatically open and then the whole world can see you shitting xD! 
sister with branded 
louis vuittion there is cheaper than malaysia so much 
worth to buy branded overseas 
remember that. 
and of course shopping at H&M
which is like forever 21 here in malaysia =) 
and of course,bought my lovely nike high cut there
oh loving it so much! 
our 'hardwork' for 2nd day in europe 
totally went bankrupt over there~ 
done with second post. =) !
and yours truly is officially working now.. 
awesome me~ 
working in a kindergarten ==''
i feel so amazing because i have to do lesson plan which i hated it so much.. ==''
why you no just give me teach only? 

Europe trip part 1

imma back already.. 
well not exactly because now i am at starbucks working on  my lesson plan! 
so finally got wifi so I can update my blog! 
omgg.. =)! 
so well.. 
first day of europe trip
slept for 1 hour because of well packing the bag? 
cause we almost pack the whole damn malaysia to europe.. ==''
well because we are packing damn a lot of food.. 
well not for us to eat but for others xD! 
flight was 10am but when to KLIA during 6am. 
awesome. so I slept at 4am due to packing the damn luggage and woke up at 5am to get ready... 
of course breakfast at MCD KLIA. =D! 
these are my very two important gadgets.. 
thanks to eeleng for borrowing me her camera. 
ghostly look. 
no make up.. 
and slept for 1 hour? 
but don't worry i have many time to sleep in the plane. 
because the flight was about like 12 HOURS. 
freaking rot!!! =='' 
so all i did in the plane was EAT,SLEEP,PLAY,GO TOILET. 
like really for 12 hours. 
never ever sit a plane to london anymore T_T
*just saying,i love europe countries*
look at my sister... ==''
and of course. sister boyfie tagged along =)! 
me with beloved mummy =D! 
and oh ya. 
inside the plane they have TVXQ keep your head down
but no big bang =( 
totally sad.
this is what happen when 12 hours of flight to london. 
sleeping pigs 
sister and her boyfie =) 
finally after 12 painful-ass-flight to london
we reached london! 
i totally miss the weather there now.. 
so cool! unlike malaysia so damn hot.. 
when i came back from europe
i think i melted at the airport because it was so hot
and of course,the transportation in london was 
underground train =D! 
you must be thinking why i am such a freak to take a photo of the underground train?
well course like i haven't seen before. 
yesh,i am very kampung? 
and just awhile arriving at the underground the train reached kinda fast. 
talk about good service.
train also wanna take ==''
me with sister 
interior of the train look exactly like those in the movies. 
people reading,listening to songs... 
sister boyfie with aunt =)! 
my aunt is so white and have great skin. 
seriously like so smooth ==''
hahaha,like ghost. 
totally jet lag. xD! 
and oh 
the famous double decker bus in london! 
see,so cute right? 
haha but i haven't got the chance to sit in the upper deck only sat at the lower deck =X! 
after reaching my aunt place 
totally unpack and get ready to go out. 
make up done =)! 
baby skin mode. 
ohhh,i love you so much? 
okay so this is like totally 9pm... 
and it looked like 5pm ==''
the sun only went down about 10.30 
talking about night life >.
at my aunt restaurant
after that decided to went to chinese street to have dinner 
and the train look like ghost train
because no people
totally empty!
scary,i will never sit this train if i am alone. 
had dinner at young cheng
chinese restaurant! 
and this is freaking cute.. 
hahaha! they teach you how to use chopstick 
meat <3! hahaha
london night street. 
and guess what i spot in london?
haha our local car! 
boom.. haha
oh ya it's manual!
people there totally like to drive manual~ 
but surely there is auto car somewhere!
look kinda weird 
seeing this car in london 
feel like i am in malaysia
sister posing. 
she love to pose ==''
3 of us. 
also saw this bike parked beside the street
and nobody is going to steal it? 
ain't overseas awesome?! 
our country...
good luck xD! 
if you put this by the road side,can kiss goodbye in 1 hour 
day 1 was just like that. 
going to update about day 2 in another post.
don't like to crap everything up in 1 post =)