Monday, July 25, 2011

europe trip day 6

the 6th day of europe trip
went to edinburgh
sorry for the red little finger there xD~ 
i was wearing a red glove because that day was cold and it was raining! 
streets of winderemere =)! 
see many people are holding umbrella rainy day!
of course we went to a castle
but we just stood inside didn't went it thou cause need to pay =(
not sure what castle.
perhaps you should go google search it! lmao..
i am pretty lazy today =D!
lazy saturday for me
look at my mum ==''
i think that my mum felt in love with those statues
i didn't saw a single  ghost there.
after that went to beautiful harry potter castle.
yesh,the harry potter castle.
but before reaching the castle there is a freaking beautiful garden!
its like omg so nice
pink flower
from far,i can see a field of pink flowers!
perhaps this is white cotton candy ? xD!
actually does this even look like the harry potter castle?
i don't know..
found the picture!
hahaha,if this doesn't look much more familiar
do this looks familiar right,of course they edited the castle..
so when i was looking at the castle.
i was staring it for so long!!!
because,it really doesn't look like the harry potter castle
say hi to my sister yo biatch xD!
lame-ing =D!
this function really do come in handy!!
green green grass
the same hair colour with my mama,omg!
my mum dyed the same colour with me =(
so if we ever got lost in england
just tell them,women that has the hair colour as mine and is ASIAN!
so cute eh?
after that went to york
not new york okay... just YORK =)!
i almost freaking pokai when i took this damn photo...
it's so cute that they have these miniatures to let you see
the same thing , castle lmao!
when inside a church which is i don't know what church
i like being in these kinds of church..
evrybody stand there took photo,so count me in too!
i always like to see these church,not sure why..
i wish i can get marry in a church like this
eventhough i am not christian =D!
look like the church from hunchback of notre dame
and met this guy in the opposite of the church
he plays the i not sure what instrument.
but look kinda weird xD!
but the sound was nice
after that went to the place where harry potter bought things?
the scence before he went into hogwarts
not much picture though for this day because camera low battery,didn't charge =(
so that's all for now!
bye bye...

Friday, July 22, 2011

mama's birthday

Hello readers =D!
i am backk!!
yesh,i got my unifi.. 
oh totally loving it so much =)
so fast so fast so fast 
okay,so celebrated mama's birthday at THE HILLS at kuala lumpur 
quite a nice place for a dinner =D
totally love the atmosphere 
wore simple dress bought it from H&M ofcourse =) 
with beloved mama =D!
i look damn damn damn weird here
so starter 
had soft shell crab salad.
looks yummy,never actually tasted it
as usual. my favourite 
mushroom soup =)
mine seafood pasta =P
sister's boyfie fish & chips 
sister's cabonara
mama's little fishie salmon xD!
and this freaking cocktail is so cute =D!
with a heart shape in it. awww,how lovely~
but i don't like the taste
felt like fire going down my throat
and oh! desert.. 
cheese flambee!
nice nice nice nice nice, awesome. 
i totally love desert 
maybe because that's why i am so freaking fat la =( 
family <3~
mama look so skinny here =( 
wait for my next post. 
gonna update about my europe trip already =)!

Monday, July 18, 2011


yours truly blog is kinda dead right now.. 
due to stupid reasons!
a bitch with me.. 
why facebook why?!!
you making me and my blog so miserable okay?
will try to solve to this problem quickly!
bon odori posts and somemore me europe trip posts are still there!
i want to update about disneyland =( 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

lee byung hyun 이병헌

hey readers,am not going to update my blog about europe trip. if not that will be bored for you.
since i am always updating about my europe trip!
 am going to talk about lee byung hyun!! =) 
yesh,lee byung hyun is so hot. 
because i watched G.I.JOE then only noticed that he was in the movie
he was amazing in iris
incase you don't know what iris is? is not the eye okay ==''
is the korean action drama series iris
the fourth from the left =D!
even TOP was inside this show. he was so hot inside 
lee byung hyun has a very very very nice body! 
in G.I.JOE he was storm shadow
this guy in G.I.JOE? 
who was ALWAYS i mean like really
always wearing white in G.I.JOE
lol,maybe he think he is an angel! 
can you believe that he is coming out in the next year of G.I.JOE 2: cobra strikes
as well the same character ==''
but i just saw him died in the movie.... 
wonder how he survived? zzzz 
even he is 41 years old. 
he is still  so HOT! 
totally like his abs =P~ 

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

europe trip day 5

Day 5 of the europe trip
which means it was day 3 in scotland =)!
went to loch lomond lake 
luckily got this board,i know where am i =D!
okay so..... 
just read,i am lazy to describe this thing. 
which i also wouldn't know what it was ==''
they have like seriously so many lakes there! 
omg,i don't know why they got so many lakes there? 
i think those are factories
if i am not mistaken =) 
say hi to windy day again 
love this view.
looked like that i am staring at a picture!
went to a moutain... 
i also don't know what mountain! 
but it was freezing cold and it was beautiful
can see the whole scenery from above the moutain 

nice right? 
it actually looks much more wider in real life
like duh ==''
and i took photo with a guy who was wearing skirt. 
lol! not skirt actually 
he was standing there blowing this pipe 
while i was there freezing like ass...
after that went for lunch =D!
stop by a road side pit stop?
hi lunch =D!
i miss these =( 
but they are exteremly costly...
burned my purse!
mama's red wine!
my mum loves red wine,i hate red wine! 
fanta =D!
so so only la =) 
prefer F&N!
ginger beer,can't imagine?
cause i don't like ginger =( 
fish & chips
pasta =)
my favourite 
civic europe edition!
so chio right?
me likey!
this is the loch ness monster?
heard before loch ness monster?
familiar right?
let me help you recall back!
the most famous picture of the loch ness monster!
yes,even as a child 
i know this freaking picture!
because it was so blur that i remembered this stupid picture
turns out to be a loch ness monster?
no,it is not a monster...
it was a fake!
housing area nearby the lake 
we didn't took a cruise around the lake because
scientist can't prove so what for waste your money to see something that isn't there right?
why is my house not like that?
so many of these thing. 
forgot what was it call in english
it's nice to let my skin breath in these type of weather 
green green grass!
this house look so cosy..
me wanna stay in it!
this hush puppy is so cute and so big!
adorable =D!
since we are at the lake for 3 hours.
decided to have a snack
went to the moorings restaurant
the soup of the day
although not sure what it was
but still satisfying!
never like a hot bowl of soup in these cold weather,the perfect match
finally after that
it was time to check in to our hotel!
yesh,stayed at hotel ibis.
went to have dinner at the china buffet king
can you believe i am foreigner
and they gave me a student price!
HAHAHAHAHA,wow talked about good hospitality
day 5 end just like that!
paris disneyland is coming up real soon =)!
teehee,gotta go back and do my assignment now!