Monday, August 29, 2011

Cycling trip

Yesterday went for cycling trip with my friends. 
and i sat until my damn ass hurts so much! 
because of the bicycle thingy is so hard and we are sitting on that shits for hours. =( 
i wonder if my butt is blue black right now? 
woke up early in the morning at 6.15am after sleeping like for 5 hours only... 
and the guy that was supposed to fetch me
OVERSLEPT,awesome Janko Lin
all of us got so hype  up and ready to cycle
and all about to die ==''
and we are playing shits with our bicycle.
saying that mine is chevrolet camaro while maycih's one is lambo... 
haha yeah like these companies are so free going to create a bicycle version right? 
take 1
haha spot raymond! xD~ 
all want to take a good shot of us with the bicycle but epic fail =( 
look at me and maycih we kept on posing in front of the camera. 
i don't know whats with the towel wrapping their head.
don't ask me ==''
healthy, and tired at the same time! 
and i will just keep on posing... 
and posing
lol. i am glad that my leg is okay now. 
at first it felt like it was going to break 
girls =) 
lol. look like monster! *rawr*

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I can breathe

Oh yes,the title says it all. 
I finally can breathe! 
I have a week of holidays!! yeshh.. 
hari raya =) 
and to all my malay readers 
Selamat Hari Raya and I hope all of you have a safe trip back home.
promise will update my blog soon. 
my europe trip is still dangling there. 
for now , i have to get ready for college! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I just feel so alone sometimes. 
sometimes i am just so lonely? =(! 
i have to update my blog. it's so dead 
should update about my birthday post with college mates =)
well okay,so after class basically just went to sing K at newbox usj19
TOTALLY NOT NICE TO GO TOO.. so don't go next time.. 
with cai fen =) 
lol, i look so cacat here. 
with viki 
y u eat my cake? 
callie <3
eeleng =D!
and that is not alcohol lol!
lol? crazy me
weee... =D~
i am 19 already. 
feel so old XS!
thanks for everything <3
group picture
that night was awesome. 
and yeah. my gang gave me a damn surprise party ==''
that i had a cake mask on my face! 
at first they come in and act all so innocence
i just came to your house to dance only okay.. 
then later we discuss things
ya la,''dicussed'' things...
and suddenly popped out with 2 cakes? 
lol, i have some sort of photo-film? 
i will post to let you all see it.. xD!
as you can see,they were all rushing to splash the damn cake in my face.... 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mist club 29th july 2011

Finally i got time to update my birthday post =)! 
so went to mist club on july 29th 
i swear next year no more club for my birthday! 
just simple dinner will do really.. 
it make me sick... =( 
so just let you see the picture? 
cause everything was just blur,fast,drunk,vomitted and crank ass shit 
keong's hand! 
thanks eeleng and xiao zhen for coming =)
it's eeleng first time to club hahaha! 
lol,look at joanne! 
buddy =) 
keong =D!
jun jie,may cih & joshua! 
3 seconds!! totally on cause the day before that was her birthday! 
lol,look at maycih's face also red already xD!
bii =)
zyon,edison and issac! 
thanks for coming =) 
and asusual.. 
friday was packed like hell! 
packed =( 


with eeleng =D!
with jian!! =) 
may cih =) 
haha chun yip,make up almost can compare with mine already ?
manage to take few pictures before i was drunk. =( 
ivy =)
2nd shot.
with wailing =) 
spot edison at the back! OMG,total lol! 
carmen =) 
that time wasn't tipsy yet... still very awake!! 
raymond & jun jie with me =) 
jun jie 
zyon,aww haven't meet him in a long time. 
lol,ah yap! 
isaac x)
haha,i not sure what jia jian was doing? 
with markz =) 
the trio.
joshua =D! sorry for my messing hair.. ==''
what the fuck i did? ==''
thanks to my sister =D! 
almost drunk? 
lol? like seriously? 
what am i doing? the shit me ass? 
and ya, i smoked.
like what the fucking hell?!! 
i hate smoking and yet i smoked on that day... FUCK 
then after that was total blurness and i was drunk like shit.. ==''
and they left me there... lmaoo~ not sure what happened?