Friday, September 30, 2011

Europe trip day 8

Day 8 at europe! 
went to PARIS
and hell yeah,the city is great.
but not the people,like seriously
people there are jerks! JERKS. look at my blog and spell it J E R K S ! 
since there was no relative staying at paris,we were having a hard time there. 
basically is that we wanted to ask people question,and they freaking answered
i mean like really fuck you,you told me not to speak english. 
and you yourself are talking to me in english? 
isn't that kinda ridiculous? brainless? idiotic? 
okay,shall stop complaining about the people there. 
LUCKILY! we lived nearby an indian street. 
at least the indian can speak better english then those french head loser jerks ! lol 
arrived at the train station
paranoma view again. think i should download this sort of app into my iphone 
and can you see the information counter behind of my sister?
frankly,it is kinda useless. =='' 
but luckily the person there speaks english. well at least a bit so we at least can buy DISNEYLAND tickets from that damn counter 
the sky there is like 5pm in MALAYSIA while actually there is around 7 or 8 ? 
it seriously made me lost track of time. 
caused i am so used to looking at the damn sun to at least guess the time.... 
while at the hotel waiting for check in
the hotel is just a normal 3 stars hotel i think? 
but gosh,i hate the breakfast there. 
the worst breakfast ever that i had when i was travelling in europe.
since it was the first day at paris 
and the hospitality sucks like hell,we decided just have our dinner at the nearby area. 
stopped by an indian shop just to have dinner 
i think in malaysia it is called nasi kandar? lol 
but they have another different name there in paris 
which is i totally forgetten about it! 
the shop owner was so kind, since he knew that we were tourists and he explained to us the menu very detailed and explained to us that fish is what word and chicken and etc etc ... lol! 
nasi briyani 
ROTI CANAI with curry chicken. 
totally reminded me of malaysia while i was at paris 
after dinner went back to hotel and wanted to have a night tour of paris
since the next day we will be going to disneyland for the whole day 
we wouldn't have enough time to see the view of paris 
so we talked to the receptionist,i thinked that he eventually got fed up of us
caused we kept asking details and sometimes it was hard for him to explain certain words while we are trying to figure it out. 
night view of paris was amazing 
it was romantic and nice, the atmosphere is just right 
the receptionist eventually hired his best friend to fetch us around town since we called the stupid cab company twice and they said they would get back to us but didn't so.... 
too bad,you tak boleh untung kami punya business la. ==''
the tour guide dude didn't explained what it was
he just said very nice church that's all 
well,because i can see that he was having a hard time communicating with us. 
and i don't think that he lives inside the town because apparently he was lost inside of paris
the BMW x6 GPS isn't working very well that day
and this is the famous arc de troimphe
can't actually get a clear shot of it because we were in the car circle around 
and we are like crazy people that sticked their head out the roof of the car taking photos like crazy people
much more better than the previous picture but it's still blur
sorry =( am not a very good photographer and since the car is moving constantly it was really hard to get a nice shot of this building
it front of this car parked 3 ferrari
french people are rich man. can't deny that! 
 apparently i looked like a ghost here and fat face! yay. i gained about 3 kgs when i was at europe for 20 days
at the 2nd day i saw my weight increase by a kg. amazing right? =='' 
was standing in the middle of the road just to take picture with ARC DE TRIOMPHE 
if it was malaysia you will die in LDP highway. lol 
and finally we reached eiffel tower 
amazing,luckily i went to eiffel tower at night.
because if it was morning my mum said it would be like you are looking at a scrap piece of sharp pointy metal! 
eiffel tower from afar. 
below eiffel tower
and they had this amazing light which will be on for 30 minutes i think? 
for people to see it was beautiful
and every month they would changed the colour of the lights. 
paris night was cold, but i like it! 
it was hard to see me in the middle of the darkness.
remember this place? from the movie 
the da vinci code where they proved some sort of weird things here! 
which i forgot again what it was? but i was so stupid standing there looking for the rose thingy? lol 
night of paris just ended like that 
just a night view of the city althought it was not much but at least i get to see the eiffel tower
next post! disneyland paris! 
hope that it won't be a long post. 
but won't be posting tomorrow and sunday going for a trip! 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

europe trip day 7

Finally i have the time to update my blog. 
and it is about the europe trip. 
gosh,guess what? having semester break right now! 
and it is not that awesome thou? 
due that i need to work =( 
day 7 of the europe trip,after 3 months i continue updating it! 
now i understand why my friend said no time for blogging. 
i love the view.
i love everything there! 
especially the food
it so peaceful right? 
i forgot this place =( due to 3 months. 
my memories of these places almost disappearing 
they have so many boats there =) 
with sister
real life sister okay. 
i really do miss my red hair =( missing it like mad. 
now my hair colour is dark red. 
gosh,can't barely see any red! 
touring with chinese people. 
i mean really chinese,from china =='' 
mama is the queen =='' 
i not sure why they like to bring us to famous colleges? 
is not like i am going to enroll in that college? i am already in one ! 
zyon bought this from korea! =) thanks again! 
i am always facinated by these buildings. 
not sure why,but i just think that it was so cool. 
this is a very strange clock indeed! 
it has some sort of big insect on top of it... 
which is i not sure represent what? 
say hi to this man,which makes erm i not sure what it was anymore. 
is a type of candy that it so damn freaking sweet,as far as i remembered. 
i will tell you the name of the sweet in the next post. 
model city of cambridge perhaps? 
the reason i took this was for the miss leng and miss jean to see it! 
look at the sale 60%! hahahaah 
we were always hungry that time. 
have to eat about 5 meals a day,and my mum kept complained. 
hey! it was not our fault that we were hungry right? 
can't blame us cause we walked whole day long! 
went to a restaurant named ask
quite an interesting name for a restuarant? 
oh ya! and in the europe country they always have 2 types of water
one is plain water
one is another soda water? i think? 
gosh,i hate that soda water.
Malaysia only serves plain water except if you request for soda water.. 
i remembered when i was thristy, and i was dying for water. saw a bottle in my mum bag,took it out
and it was damn freaking sweet and gassy! 
i hate it,like seriously =='' 
pasta,i love yums. =) 
sister boyf's pizza.
lingunni pasta? 0.o 
and after that went back to hotel
and get ready for the next trip!
PARIS! stay tuned =) 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

How could this happen to me?

Sometimes i think to myself.
i get so fed up of having repeating the same thing over and over again,but well this is life right?
i am not born filthy rich
i am not born a pretty girl 
i am not born to be perfect
even now i have less time to update my blog due to working and my exam is coming up real soon
like next tuesday and i haven't study anything yet
i can go jump down from a building already.
sometimes i just wish i stayed as a child
where all they do is cry because people took away their toys
where all they do is play because that's their life
i wish i won't grow up
just stay as a child
that's all... 
for children their world ends is when you take their toys away,or when mommy disappear
where all their problems can be solved easily
i wish i was them
i wish i was still them

Thursday, September 1, 2011

시크릿 가든 Secret Garden

Okay,my holiday is going to end soon.
and back to my boring oh working life =(
i should be enjoying life,instead i am working and studying
so lately been watching secret garden, a drama i always wanted to watch
thanks to Big bang parody about secret garden,it made me wanted to watch the real thing!
Hyun bin inside is so so so so so so so so so leng zai
no joke, at first i thought he looked so old.. but he is so charming inside
hyun bin real name is Kim Tae Pyung
also starred in the famous korean drama my name is kim sam-soon
gosh,he just look so nice in this suit!
this guy no joke kinda look like this guy
okay,you might say that i am blind or what?
but that is just my opinion... 
and now i am totally addicted to this drama 
have to watch finish before the school starts!! 
i shall go and watch it now.