Saturday, December 31, 2011

bye bye 2011

Gosh,i haven't update my blog in a month! 
my last post was on like december 1st
and now it is december 31st...
what gives? 
well. nvm its okay. 
there is some problem with my unifi internet connection that made me miss my blogging so much 
xD~ well i am kinda of a fail blogger actually =( 
well since today is the last saturday of 2011
might as well do a summary of 2011 in the next post
this year was amazing a blast.
had fun with this year even though there is many ups and downs in life
but well. this is life right? 
well this is me in january 2011
look at me in december 2011
me in 26 december 
hahaha. actually nothing changed much! 
the hair length is like the freaking same length.. 
my hair sucks =( 
by the way,still working on my diet plan. not a big outcome yet =(!
cause i can't control like my sister do
she is awesome shit sial ==''
no wonder she can lose weight so fast! 
had a fun 2011!
and welcome 2012! 

Thursday, December 1, 2011


holla people!! =) 
it's december already! 
gosh,i am feeling so old already =( 
next year is 2012!
okay,have to face the fact that i am not a teenager anymore next year... 
sobs,call me aunty then. 
lol. this picture looks fake right? 
kinda big difference with my other picture right? xD
wrong,i didn't use any editor.
angle problem hahahahaha 
but i am still fat. ==''
with bii <3
i have nothing to update. 
but within this one month. 
i am going to fully utilize it!
yes,i am not working anymore. oh yeah. 
for this month =='' next year i am working again. 
back to boring life
next week is my finals. 
oh dies =(