Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy CNY!

Well well,chinese new year is just 2 days away! can't wait for it
will update soon! =) 
opps! stay tuned for my next post 
teehee. zouk =D! 

Monday, January 9, 2012

apple store dancing is trending?

haha well. so recently i went to youtube and saw this video
kids dancing in apple store in overseas.. 
LOL. can you imagine if this happen in MALAYSIA? 
i wonder if any malaysian actually did something like this? 
i wanted to try,hahahaha! 
i seriously love them 
i salute you. 
i really wonder if this is a trend? you can see tons of people posting videos about apple store dancing videos
and you seriously have to see this boy whip his hair
hahahaha. i was laughing like shit when he whipped his hair xD
and you can see that from the video
the reaction from other people is just like 
what is he doing? what are they doing? omg crazy people 
will update soon. =D! 

Monday, January 2, 2012

The 2011 moments

2011 where to start?
there is alot to say
there is alot to type
first of all
it is again YOU
the most important person in my life is YOU
well. my dad 
i really do miss you miss you very much
tears rolling down as i am typing this
how are you doing up there?
everything is great? i know that you are still here with us.
 standing besides us
i love you and i miss you dearly.
tell me that you are alright
tell me that you are fine
at least you saw me graduated high school
i thought that you were going to see me until the day i got marry
but you had to leave
heaven is calling you,heaven is pulling you
it's been over 1 year plus since you left us june 2010.
i really miss you very much do you know that?
i just want to hug you so tight and cry but you are not here

secondly friends =)! 
they are also a part of my life 
that made my chapter complete 
my love <3 may cih
jean yee bii 
high school peers! 
gosh. i really miss my red hair like shit =X!!
eeleng . my blur lover
my unnie. 
although knew her for a short period of time 
but it seems like we were best friend last life! xD
yumi lim 
my crazy kpop lover singer redbox boomer x)!
callie leong 
my best jimui! 
me with my bread face. ==''
i hate my bread face. can i just cut my face up ? 
college mates! 
can't believe that i am studying college for almost 1 years 5 months. gosh
i am old. ==''
high school! OH GREAT MEMORIES. 
can't find me ? 
spot me in yellow tie =P

next is outings
omg. i love outings. =D!
hello broga hill. well maybe it is broga hell ==''
it was hell tiring climbing up there.... like seriously.
meet my extended family who don't go by my surname 

bon odori 2011 

cycling outing
alan birthday 
melacca outing
drunk session at my home
of course the last outing of 2011 is genting 
not to miss out on family trip =)! 
20 days! 
we conquered europe.
LOL, kidding =='' just went to like 8 countries and tired like shit. 
eiffel tower like holla at you!! 
i miss paris =) 
paris disneyland!!!
oh my god. i want to go to japan disneyland! xD
by the way my score of this buzzlight year game is 5k thanks
my mum shooting is so awesome lol. 
i failed.  F A I L E D 
paris disneyland. it was fun =D!

birthdays was BOOMED
lol. got drunk at mist club as usual 
like AGAIN ==''
hahaha. me and my pariah shitty drunk face. ==''
gosh. my arms are like so big 
no denying that i am FAT. 
there is a lot more but too much to squeeze into this little tiny post =D
so that's all. 
i hope this year i won't get drunk in club cause I DON'T WANNA CELEBRATE MY BIRTHDAY AT CLUB ANYMORE 
that is apply only for this year thank you =)