Tuesday, February 28, 2012

BIGBANG comeback 2012 ALIVE

BIG BANG korean pop idol group made an awesome comeback! 
omg, i seriously love them to death now. 
why is taeyang so freaking cute?! =X! 
 check out their 5th album title track! 
blue is a very nice song
omg, i been replaying since the day it was released! 
can't wait to buy their 5th album! 
gosh, YG entertainment is making me broke with BIG BANG 
their bad boy music video! 
i love how they danced a little at the end of the video 
it was so CUTEE!!!! 

Running of things to blog about !

blogger is freaking dead!!! =( 
not only busy with work but also busy with college 
omg, final is coming so soon =='' 
i haven't even start doing notes yet. 
gosh. i really cannot tahan my face last time =='' 
can't even bare to look at it !!! damn
by the way, that is not my BOYFRIEND
is my sister boyfriend okay. 
i guess without fringe is better right for me? 
still wondering whether to cut my fringe a not. 
better don't =='' 
it is so hard to for me to have this type of freaking hair i am not gonna spoil it 
what to blog what to blog? 
hmm, buying my baby ps3 soon =)~ 
hope i can update my blog soon 
with at least something to crap about! 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Summary of february

WOOAAH! been so busy lately =(! 
got no time to update my blog xD! 
went to ed vinn's open house during chinese new year =) 
photo credits to seraph 
check out his website

1u with loves and brothers 
people said that i change 
tell me i did cause i want it to be good =X! 
edison | yumi | raymond and me 
girls will forever be girls 
camwhore is in our blood, no denying it 
boomed neway 
haagen dasz chocolate fondue! 
it only cost us around rm42 because of the voucher that yumi had
haven't tasted this in a very long time 
it was awesome 
and as usual with yumi 
everywhere is like photoshooting with her ==''
damn it, everywhere everything she also wanna take photo 
maybe she should open a blog instead of me since i am so lazy =( 

genting again with them 
such a crazy bitch with them 
say hello to my brother!! 
bromance xD! 
edison was wearing a christmas hat. 
someone need to remind him that christmas is over a decade ago. LOL 
at genting 
starbucks is a must
but not a hot cup of starbucks okay. 
why? cause i like to drink chocolate cream chips in cold weather 
i love chocolate cream chips 
the only drink that i will drink in starbucks. not coffee not latte not anything but this! 
and thank you raymond for this water tumbler! 
i really really love it very much 
i wanted this tumbler so badly, but just don't feel like buying =( 
until he bought it for me! HAHA 
i was happy like hell smiling madly 
still got many more pictures 
pardon me for my laziness, that is why i am not a good blogger
i admit, i am not a good blogger 
after genting badminton with another gang 
i miss badminton badly =( 
maybe should go badminton more instead of gym 
lately my friends keep asking me to couple with these two guys 
they said me and him really look like couple =='' 
what the fuck?! totally a big NONO 
we have bromance not ROMANCE please. 
i wouldn't dare to kiss on edison cheek =='' 
wouldn't even if you give a a thousand bucks also wouldn't dare to kiss 
cause we are being friendzoned xD! 
it's late now, finally i update my dead blog 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big bang comeback!

Waiting for big bang come back! 
omg. taeyang is so freaking hot! 
tell me what to blog? 
i have nothing to blog already. perhaps blog about my weekends in the next post. 
i am bored. =( 

Saturday, February 4, 2012


Went to phuture to party rock with my sister =) 
haven't been to club in a long long time like seriously. 
too busy with works all those things! 
bring me go club! xD~ 
1 sip of moet then my face goes boom. hot! 
but it's kinda yummy. 
actually haven't been to phuture before, rather than seating in the VVIP place. ==''
phuture is so freaking cold. =(
almost froze to death there... 
will let picture do the talking then 
my eyes looks kinda sleepy is because the damn freaking flash of my sister camera is so bright ==''
almost got blinded by it 
3 girls =) along with berry bee 

stoning there. 
look at my sister hand ==''
is like checking whether i am pregnant a not. 
trying my best to bend down. =X!
my one and only sister i love =3
see my red red face! HAHAHAHA
omg. i get drunk easily. ==''
maybe next time clubbing i should open moet then. 
but too bad after clubbing marco's car knocked into some metal thing and his BMW couldn't even move 
forced to stucked by the road side to wait some tow truck to come and tow it away. 
freezing night. =) !
short post. 
lately life is kinda great,how bout you guys?
remember that i am always #foreveralone on february 14th!