Friday, March 30, 2012

hi april !

WOW, i am back like finally!! 
been been been really busy lately. 
haven't even got time to update my blog =(! 
little updates on march 
as usual went to neway to sing K with yumi and eeleng 
gosh. i wish i am not working now. 
but if i don't work, i wouldn't have any money. =(! 
ahh life... is just a freaking cycle everyday repeating.
i look kinda awkward here. 
that is yumi's hello kitty spec.
sony's camera is awesome
made my rough skin looked so flawless! 
eeleng look god damn fair here. 
shaky hands! 
besides that nothing happen much lately... 
just can't wait to go on a field trip with my little kids to aquaria! 
i wonder how cute can they be.. xD! 
besides that finally bought my baby white ps3 
i hope april will be a good month for me =)!