Monday, June 25, 2012


Busy me always neglected my blog. =( 
maybe i should just shut it down perhaps? 
well actually until now i still can't decide on whether to continue my degree or just start a new diploma in other course, i am quite confuse! 
i not sure what to do actually, i feel so useless at times. 
i know i am so outdated on this but celebrated mother's day on well you know mother's day
me & sister
actually some people say that we look alike but basically when people say that i think that they are blind. 
like seriously ==''
do we even look alike?! 
sorry to say that, but i have more of my mother genes in my body which makes me looks like my mum more 
while my sister looks like the photocopy of my dad entire body and face! LOL 
ps: we seriously have the same birthdate even though we are not twins. i ain't kidding about this
and sometimes i am really pissed off with my hair is like damn it 
ever since i cut it from the year 2009! 
from this length well actually is just right at my jaw line only
till now it is still like at my boobs length ! 
seriously? hair sometimes i hate you!
regretted cutting it at the first place, but well there is once for everything 
and never ever in my life i am going to cut short hair again.
with boyfriend <3 and you can see my hair is still so freaking short after freaking ages ==''
sometimes i just want to wear a wig ! LOL
of course went to cathy & debbie ho's 21st birthday party! 
actually took photo with cathy but too bad it is still in my boyfriend's camera =( 
last but not least! 
i am going to scream like mad! 
i seriously don't care VIP seats i am going to buy. 
no one can stop me like seriously, lol! 

Friday, June 1, 2012


Hi june! =) 
it's been so long since i update my blog. 
barely have anytime to update my blog nowdays! 
final semester in college and practicum coming soon. 
everything seems so pack right now =( 
a little update on life. =D! 
went to ting hang's birthday party 
try to find me. i  bet it is quite easy right? 
vera! gosh just look at my bread face. 
i gained back 2kgs. =( 
time to bang wall and cry! 
you wanna know why i gained back my weight a little? 
cause my boyfriend keeps on feeding me, gosh he pampered me so much! haha
but i don't blame him =) 
birthday boy with lisa. =D! 
not sure why it is like so blur... perhaps is the lighting? 
poor ed vinn always forever alone =( ! 
don't worry, soon you will find one! 
with boyfriend! loves =) 
we are back together after 5 years of being apart. 
shocking huh? 
2 more days till big bang monster MV is out!