Tuesday, July 17, 2012

July baby !

Hello July! 
well first of all, i know it is still quite late coz lately i seriously don't have the time to blog =( 
his birthday is on july 7th, typing this post might be well too late but still 
i love you with all my heart and i hope you really know it! 
so on his birthday , guess what? 
i baked RAINBOW CAKE ! 
like seriously, i baked. =='' with the help of lisa of course. =) 
if not it will be failure.
hehehe =) 
and he thought that i baked it during the midnight! HAHAHA
silly boy 
well the cake was abit too big. =( 
lol, but i don't know anything about baking 
with baby boy
i know on that day i couldn't really celebrate with a proper dinner =( 
but i still love you baby boy and i am so sorry i couldn't eat a proper dinner with you on actual day! =( 
birthday card for him. 
and i wasted almost 10 instax flims just to try to get the word right. 
it may not be much, but i really made it with all my effort.
finals next week, wish  me luck =) 
i really need it cause i think montessori is stressing the shit out of me =( 
my birthday is coming real soon!! woohoo, next month! 
this month is really a busy month! next month will be better
my birthday
langkawi trip with baby boy & his family =D! 
just waiting for next month, filled with excitement!!
love you baby boy! =)