Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Farewell dinner DECE May'10

Can't believe so fast, half of the august is already gone. 
WOW! I think i am really getting old. 
times just passed by so fast! 
i am going to graduate real soon from my diploma. 
can you just believe it? 
so of course, my DECE may'10 batch held a farewell dinner for all 
truly i will really miss them really much. =( 
look at missy eeleng leong. =) 
say hi to callie! my jimui of course. 
the differences in height is just way too much !
but i still love her of course. =) 
what's with that face? 
say hi to my class rep! 
alicia, finally someone that has the same height with me! 
oh i looked so awkward. =( 
of course, not to forget my yumi! 
the crazy bitch that always sing midnight session with me during semester break. 
hahaha, we would be screaming until our throat gets really worst. 
meet soon sayn, the only boy in our class. 
haha well, look at his amazing photo skills 
a more proper one! finally xD
along with me is yumi and soon sayn
cai fen, the poor girl cried until her eyes was so swollen. =( 
sonia tan
a very active girl, she was so excited that day! 
meet li ling. =) 
eeleng & viki along with me. 
me and what-so-ever pose ==
meet my art lecturer! 
she was a very nice lecturer =) 
kai sin. a very sweet girl =) 
choy qin =) 
oreo, the nicest girl that i had seriously met! 
not to mention that she was really helpful to all of us, really glad that i have a classmate like her. 
viena, sweet little girl =)
my two lovely classmates
and i finally watched the dark knight! 
omg, like finally. 
don't say me outdated anymore T____T
the movie was up to my expectation luckily, if not i would have rated it bad. 
sunday went paradigm mall with baby boy
i look really different with make up on. 
so it is a good thing? or a bad thing? =( 
and seriously this picture of me 
my nose looks way damn tall. ==''
looked like i had plastic surgery. 
my current twitter profile picture. 
and oh gosh. about big bang concert =( 
i am just really so sad about it. 
i couldn't buy the tickets because you wanna know why?! 
people started to line up at the mall the day before they even sold it. 
by the time i saw the post on facebook, the queue was so long ! 
oh my god, at that second i just really gave up 
i knew i couldn't get the tickets.... 
my dream of being in the yellow crown sea is shattered! 
by the way, PSY's gangnam style is really nice!
it is 2am now, and i am still awake. 
my sleeping schedule is totally messed up! 
dead meat. =( 

Monday, August 6, 2012

August updates!

Realising that i just only update my blog once a month =( 
barely have any time to even touch my laptop. 
but i hope to be a better blogger and will try to update more often because now i am officially starting my practicum. 
well practicum means intern? and i will have much more free time since i will be just working in the morning. 
back to life! august is definetly my month. cause it's my birthday!! 
WOOO. my big day! 
and of course i have my baby boy to celebrate it with me! 
thank you =)! 
not to left out that my friends that wished me on my big day
i really love you all from the bottom of my heart eventhough is not a big celebration but just a simple celebration will really mean something meaningful to me. 
as for those that were used to be very close to me and didn't wished me at all, well just plain simple. 
FUCK YOU, why the hell should I care about it? =='' 
all of your birthdays i send text message at the stroke of 12 midnight and you just didn't even send me a wish through facebook. such amazing friends i used to have right? 
besides that, that day which is august 3rd is also my sister birthday !
such a shock right?! 
i mean like people will think that we are trolling and all, but the fact is NO we are not ==''
we have the same birthdate since the day we were both even our age is 2 years apart
and i am sick and tired of people keep on asking me the same thing since i knew to talked man. 
people will be like 
well, how the hell am i suppose to know the reason to our answer =='' 
ask my mum about that perhaps?! 
okay enough about me complaining about birthdate and all! 
finally the badminton olympic is over and guess what? 
lee chong wei lost again. =( 
maybe he was not meant for the gold after all! 
lin dan won again, and i was quite bumped that he didn't win 
but to be honest, i really think that he can't win. 
cause basically lin dan is better than him. 
is not that i don't support malaysia or whatever but this is just the fact 
but seeing dato lee chong wei cried during the prize giving ceremony really made me sad abit 
he fought so hard to win that gold back and it was still so far from his reach 
it was just 2 marks away! 
such disappointment...
but anyway he did made malaysian proud, at least we have a sliver! 
better than nothing. =) 
as for the doubles, i really have nothing to say? 
i am not sure what those two are doing there? 
Mr.KKK was like jumping around and his reflexes was like lightning speed and yet they still lose to the korean doubles! =( 
that's all! hope to update more soon =)! 
23 more days till langkawi trip! i really can't wait =D! 
loves and goodnight