Sunday, September 30, 2012

Langkawi day 4!

Back to blogging on 1st october again! 
well again, so HI! =) 
the 4th was our last day at langkawi and our flight was at 3 in the afternoon 
so in the morning decided to play some water sports. 
baby boy with her sister
jet ski was fun, after baby boy's turn it was my turn with her sister 
actually we were pretty far from the shore.
the power of zoom lens. lol! never underestimate them
baby boy's sister, geraldine, baby boy's mum and me 
haha, gosh. me in bikini. ==''
sand coffin. lol 
look at us. 
haha poor baby boy couldn't even lift his head up. 
everytime he moved we put more sand on top of him ! 
the six of us. =) 
beside jet ski we also played banana boat and also parasailing 
but too bad couldn't take any photo of it, but baby boy's mum took videos of us. 
the banana boat experience was terrifying.
i meant by not as in the ride was scary or anything, it was the pain that i had to go through =( 
the unaccidential splash was the most painful thing i ever felt hitting against my damn face. 
have you ever felt like someone had taken a brick and hit it towards your face? 
well that how it felt when the guy splash me towards the water. 
at first it was so pain but then after that the pain went away, and everything went back to normal. 
but then after my shower, the pain came back. 
i couldn't barely even talk, i only just can open my mouth and talk a bit.
it was really painful! T_T
but i still enjoyed the trip, this is the first time that i actually went on a trip with baby boy's family =) 
hope i have more things to update! 
lately life been really busy, work work sleep sleep eat eat. 
always the same cycle over and over again. =( 
i miss enjoying life. =( 

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

langkawi day 3!

holla! finally back to my blog to update my langkawi trip! 
day 3 we went for snorkelling trip =) 
i hate the sea water, seriously it just so salty.
made me wanted to vomit! lol 
baby boy's family =) 
me geraldine and caroline 
lol, i am the fattest shortest and ugliest =( ! 
face is just like a piece of shit. lol! 
with baby boy! 
well, in this picture i still looked quite fair. 
and when i got back from langkawi 
i really looked in an indonesian maid, no joke ==''
panaroma shoot of payar island 
those baby shark there are just so tiny and cute ! lol 
i was actually excited to see one upclose, i was like a freaking stupid girl chasing the shark nearby the beach ==''
just like i haven't seen shark before in my entire 20 years of my life. 
oh hi,lol! 
baby boy took a candid shot of me! 
i realised that my baby boy family all have the same smile, like seriously. 
every time also the same smile, i wish i can smile like them. 
baby boy's mum photoboomed! LOL 
my huge and giant fat arm. =( 
time to lose weight, i miss gym =( 
thanks to the tree, couldn't see our face 
look! all of them have the same smile! 
me jelly. =( 
look at those fishes! 
couldn't really take much photo there cause all we did was just snorkel and play around
dinner for the last night in langkawi was seafood again! 
gosh, after that short trip i think my cholestrol level was pretty high. 
try to find this restaurant nearby pantai cenang! 
not bad, recommended! 
bread face me!!!! T___T
couldn't get rid of my bread face, it will always be there !
butter prawns! yums! =) 

this fish is ugly! but it tasted pretty nice
steam egg crab =) 
deep fried sotong
some vegetable? lol, i not sure what it was. 
i don't eat most of the vegetable
but yet i still ask my children to eat vegetable, such a bad teacher i am! 
his brother trying to get the perfect shot
after dinner, it's starbucks again!
chocolate cream chips is loves! 
of course, with extra chips! 
all of our drinks! 
we are weird, we went to langkawi to drink 3 days of straight starbucks. lol 
that was how day 3 ended, it was really tiring but i really had fun with baby boy and his family =) 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Langkawi trip day 2!

On the second day woke up quite early because we were going for island hopping! 
seriously, my dark eyes circles was like freaking obvious. 
never ever in my life, i had dark eyes circles so serious! 
and i rarely had dark eyes circles unless in case i slept for 1 hours only. 
haha! ox. lol 
isn't it lovely to just see the view like that when you wake up? 
as a malaysian 
i didn't knew langkawi was so beautiful. 
i am a failure. =( 
with our superman shirts! 
baby boy with his sister
baby boy random shot of me. 
hello panaroma shot! =) 
okay.. ==
we went into kuah town to get shop! 
duty free shopping! 
tones of fats here! lol 
besides that, their beers and liquors are super cheap! 
since it was very hot in langkawi, baby boy drank hoegarden
lol, it was so gassy! 
lol,i only drank a few sips
in the end he drank everything. lol! 
i miss my fair fair face! =( 
i looked like a maid now! =( 
since island hopping was in the afternoon, we took our own sweet time in the town! 
lol, seriously langkawi was so hot. 
i had to shower like 3 times per day there, i can't stand the heat
i was sweating non-stop there! 
haha! baby boy zoomed the camera xD! 
a much more proper one! 
before we went for island hopping =) 
on the speed boat =) 
my hair was so messy it kept on blowing around like a mad girl... 
can you see that mountain? 
does it look like a pregnant woman? 
can you guys see it? well, i certainly CAN! =) 
the water everything was so blue and clear 
i really liked it when it is clean and clear. 
island hopping first destination! 
if you noticed i changed my pants that it because i did changed my pants. 
lol! i took another shower before i went for island hopping. 
current facebook profile picture. =) 
so this was the map of the 1st island that we went. * i think*
group photo! 
me a very awkward smile. xD
us =)! 
wonder what was baby boy doing at that moment. 
the view from the beach =)
i liked this picture very much =) 
look at this little guy! 
awww, it was so afraid of the camera sound lol! 
baby boy wrote my name on the sand =D! 
haha, look at baby boy's face expression xD! 
<3 p="p">
our smelly feet. xD
baby boy playing around with the sand. lol! 
i not sure what's wrong with my face. 
lol, don't ask. just don't 
island hopping was so tiring! 
so went back to hotel and ate famous amos cookies! 
luckily for me, i bought it at LCCT before we went langkawi xD! 
before dinner headed out for a walk at cenang beach =) 
the sunset was beautiful. stunning ! 
mother nature is just so beautiful  .
big and bright! 
me with baby boy =) 
so as usual! day 2 dinner as seafood again! 
kangkung sambal
some black fish sauce? not sure what it was. lol 
crab again! 
deep fried squid! 
day 2 ended just like that. 
tiring and exhausted! 
3rd day we went for snorkelling =D! 
just wait for my snorkelling post then.