Friday, October 26, 2012

200th post

but.. i am not going to see them. =( 
many people ask me why? why you don't wanna see them? 
i mean like even my mum asked me why i don't buy their tickets? 
i was like, the first girl that line up to buy the big bang tickets actually lined up there for 22 hours. ==''
without leaving the spot at all, can you imagined how long she stayed there? 
i already lost this fight with those VIPs! 
and i am not going to see them without VIP tickets. =( 
i know that i am fussy, but it is either VIP or not going to concert. that easy
my internship is finally over already, but just for now have to deal with report. =( 
neglecting blogger more and more !
not a good sign, but too bad i am so busy with my report and also busy playing resident evil 6! 
resident evil 6 was fun! 
4 characters to play with and also the HD effect was super awesome! 
and as usual, Ada Wong sexy as ever.
can't update much, cause i am so busy with my report. 
well, time to get back to my report.
i hope that i have something nice to update in the next post.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just something on my mind.

Hi october! finally my mum is back to lovely Malaysia! 
well, that was because my mum left me alone here in Malaysia for a month! 
pity me, like seriously a month =( 
lately i really wanted to talk about something, i really wanted to know everything.
it's been bugging me. 
but then i decided not to, is it a wrong decision to do so? 
and how funny that sometimes people just like to turn things around.
history proven that it's karma, cause you said it in the first place
and what's goes around comes around.
i have something to scream out, but that surpressing feeling inside of me is telling me not to. 
acutally it's not a big deal, but i am just plain curious. 
maybe my brain needs to shut up. 
just can't wait to finish my intern, i want to get over it as soon as possible. 
maybe i am just to stress this month!! =( 
kids concert coming up and everything, need to rush my report.
ahh, just hope i can cope everything in time.
i just want it out of my head.