Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hello november!

i am a very bad blogger, i admit. 
wanted to make my blog more lively but failed.
every single thing seems to be moving quite fast for this year, seriously. 
i am not joking, this year is passing by real fast and in a blink of an eye it's already november! 
wow, i am going to be 21 next year. * i feel so old*
gonna update about melacca trip 
so went to malacca on november 9th with baby boy just to visit alfred.
alfred, i am a good friend right?! 
stayed at city park hotel which was not far from the town, which was a good thing
cause i actually got quite bored of going to melacca already, lmao
pardon me but i went to melacca since like the day i was born
*well, maybe after a month old*
first night went to melacca ate ban lee siang satay celup!
it was the boom!!! 
despite the oil that was floating at the top of the pot, it was worth it! 
i admit although it was quite fattening, but if you go to melacca.
i beg of you, to please go and just taste it! TASTE IT! 
if you are really scare of getting fat, try and just stir the satay sauce a little and try and eat less then you shall be good! 
one sticks cost RM0.60!
even baby boy liked it! 
and he actually ate two rounds during that one night.
we don't eat the cucumbers =( 
spot my resident evil wallpaper =P!
i love resident evil! 
after fattening dinner,alfred wanted to eat again. so we went back to the same shop to eat again!
lol, the workers there might think that we were crazy. 
it didn't took us more than 2 hours to actually went back to the same shop to eat again.
hit the sack quite early that day because alfred had to work the other day.
i pity him to have to work on a saturday =( 
on second day 10 november
decided to went down the jonker street to have a walk and also walk around somewhere nearby there, which i not sure what was the place again except for what i remembered only dataran pahlawan ==''
what the heck am i typing? 
as usual afternoon was hot! 
but luckily not long after that it started to rain
alot of people that came to melacca took photo with this statue of mr.malaysia
so why not to take a photo with that statue that was placed infront of the public toilet.
lol, i am serious. this statue was placed infront of a public toilet. ==''
but the public toilet is located inside jonker street.
ain't buff enough to beat him!
since i wasn't able to eat the asam laksa and cendol at jonker 88 stall due to too many people actually queued up for it.
we ended up eating chicken rice ball.
this stall was called 和记鸡饭粒
they actually served set according to pax
really worth the try! 
haven't tasted chicken rice ball for such a long time and this was just perfect! 
but beware of the aunt that takes your orders, she will be scolding the poor boys working there. 
and the boys were just so young, lol! pity them
gosh, it looks so delicious. ==''
i am hungry right now! 
they also served soup and also asam fish head. 
but there were only just two of us, couldn't actually finish all even if we ordered it.
went to somewhere nearby the red house for a walk, and spotted this old fire truck
2.4cc weih, kai wan xiao! 
and such a adorable bull dozer! 
decided to tie up my hair due to hot weather there! 
melacca is a hotter compare to KL here, due to the coast and also nearby the beach
constipating? 0.o 
since we had nothing to do, we went back hotel just to rest because well our hotel was too near from town. 
took us less than 10 mins drive to actually reach town
to reach mahkota parade? less than 5 minutes! 
after a long consideration, i treated baby boy to haagen dazs chocolate fondue! 
how can you resist fondue?! 
it was yummy, but after that had flu, sore throat and cough due to this pot of chocolate fondue!
was actually sick for more than a week.
after that went back to hotel again, just to rest.
at night went to jonker street again, and finally i had my radish cake!
melacca's radish cake is the best, nothing can compare to it.
must add egg!!
i was satisfied that i had this for dinner, i really miss it so much right now.
since we had nothing to do, decided to sit on their 'beca' 
that was what they called in malay language.
different types of 'beca'
as they decorated it differently and each of them was unique.
some even had woofer installed at the back! 
they said it was their interest.
then went back to the hotel to sleep while waiting for alfred to actually come find us.
pity him had to work till midnight one o clock then find us, but he was so happy that we came to melacca to look for him.
not much photo was taken during this trip, cause well i got quite bored with melacca actually. xD
but i had a great time with baby boy and also alfred!