Friday, January 25, 2013

Golden Disk Award 2013

Hey! finally i got my photos for the Golden Disk Award 2013 that was held in sepang! 
was really excited to go there because well, i didn't expect that i was going to be there...
staring at g-dragon! 
I also get to meet others k-pop artists such as t-ara and sistar
the best part was, i got those tickets for free!
thanks to callie leong =)! 
and that ticket worth almost RM1000, well actually it was just RM999
and if you round it off you get RM1000. 
i tried my best to snap the photos as clearly as possible, due to my excitement and tiring legs some of the photos that you see might be blur. 
sorry for that =( 
can't imagine that i am seeing g-dragon for real first time in my life!!
he looked exactly the same in his music videos and all those magazine and photos.. 
flawless skin, sexy neckline! 
i was about the scream my lungs out when i saw him..
but too bad taeyang didn't come along, if not i would be really excited about it too.
i wish that 2ne1 could attend the award, but they couldn't! 
i would really love to see park bom in real life, she must be very pretty like a doll! 
it was pouring rain before the award show started, luckily for me i went there around 5pm. 
and the rain stopped! 
this was the first time that i went to such thing with my baby boy =)
i kept on telling him that it wouldn't be very nice experience as we need to keep waiting there to line up and also to wait the event start. 
i stood quite near to the stage, and that moment not much people were inside there 
so i found a place that was just nice for me to take photo and stare at them from far. 
yes, i used the word stare. cause i will really just stare at them in shock. 
pretty pretty purple lights. 
i actually didn't went for the red carpet event eventhough i am samsung galaxy zone. 
i was lucky enough to see g-dragon went on the red carpet and was rushing and jumping wanting to see him!
host of the day was someone from sistar and hong gi from ft island
* am not a pretty big fan of sistar*
i only went for the 2nd day event cause i got the ticket quite late =( 
and baby boy couldn't see his jung yonghwa which was the emcee for the first day of this award
hello t-ara! 
jiyeon was so pretty with her dip dye! 
she made me wanna do dip dye like her... !@#$#$^%^*!!
still deciding whether to dye my hair again? but still i think don't dye would be better as my mum and sister kept on saying that i shouldn't dye my hair. 
but if i don't dye now, so means i have to wait till i am old like 30+ to dye my hair? ==''
doesn't it make sense? lol. or maybe it just my opinion 
huh gak. 
i used to just saw him on tv show like dream team season 2
and i finally met him in real life.
G-DRAGON!!! <3 p="">
omg, his hair was just so awesome. 
only he can dye half his hair white while leaving the other half  black ! 
big bang won alot of awards and i am really happy for them as a VIP! 
i really still wish i can meet all of them in real life... 
just looking at them from the airport with a window blocking me isn't enough =( 
he seriously looks alot alot i mean really alot like daesung! 
the similarity is just too high!
i just have too much of photos too post here =( 
there are others groups such as f(x) , teen top, B.A.P and many more! 
g-dragon was the last person to perform, organiser was so smart to make us all standing there for so long just to wait for him! 
but it was worth the wait, even that short 15 minutes of him singing on stage.
i am just so excited that i didn't take any photo of him performing. 
instead i held the camera up and recorded him performing for 15 minutes! 
but i couldn't upload it here as the file was too big to be put into my blog 
maybe you guys can google it or maybe youtube it... 
i was really happy that i had such an amazing start of 2013! 
getting to see g-dragon in real life... 
one of my wishes came true... =D! 
just go to my facebook for more photos, but like i said earlier... 
due to my excitement and tiredness not all the photos was clear 
and i had to zoom the camera in order to get their face shot.. 
so it wasn't the best DSLR like photo.
Golden Disk Award 2013 was amazing! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Well, actually i wanted to update about my christmas and new year eve. 
but since i couldn't find any photos for me to upload it
so, maybe i would just skip it? 
cause my picasa web album ran out of space, and i had to always go to facebook to find my photos and put it here on my blog. 
such a drag.... ==''
well, apparently i was only able to found this photo on facebook. 
lol, it was new year eve. 
just hanging out with friends and celebrated new year drinking.
since i was going to start my work like 2 days later, i really don't have to mood of celebrating new year like last year. 
and maybe perhaps i am growing old already, can't believe that i am 21 years old already! 
everything happened in a blink of an eye, perhaps soon i am getting married.
lately i have been playing much more with  my make up 
thinking that perhaps i should change my make up look or even changing my style.
wondering if it was a good or bad thing? 
but that depends on people point of view, some claiming it to be good while others says no. 
i am not going to do any new year resolution
such as like buy this and that, cause i realize that i will just ignore it after a few weeks 
so maybe it's better for me not to mention it and just keep it to myself. 
and if i do achieve it, only i will share with others. 
finally i tried myBurger lab
it was at seapark nearby the famous nasi lemak bumbung. 
well, if you want to know where it is. 
google search it, that simple =)!
it was not bad, i totally loved their fries
eventhough their pricing is similiar to carl's junior, but it was good for a first timer. 
actually, i always saw people commenting about how long they needed to wait for their burger like almost an hour or even up to 3 hours. but that is not true!
i only waited for like 10 minutes plus because that place was packed with lots of people 
and their space was like quite small.
the burger was black because it was charcoal bun, so don't say that it was disgusting! 
i tried it, it tasted better than i expected! 
i think i had enough updates? 
should sleep now! goodnight! =)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


HELLO 2013! gonna write my 1st post in 2013! 
wow. so fast i am already 21 years old..
i am so old! 
have to update about the last year about new year eve and also christmas eve
also the flashback of 2013! 
well stay tuned.