Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Graduation Ceremony 2013

Finally i am back after so long! have to make a point to update my blog every month! 
so fast it is the end of february already.=(! 
well lots of things happen during this month! 
well i knew it was kinda late wishing about Happy Chinese New Year... 
but i don't give a damn still, Happy Belated Chinese New Year! 
just so you guys know, i already officially am a diploma holder! 
horraayyy =D! i am so happy for myself.
all those struggling for 2 and the half years, all those whining and everything i finally got my diploma already!
too bad my college doesn't have the graduation cap for diploma holder =( 
so it is just like that =(! 
thanks baby boy for the flowers that he bought me that day, i was a happy girl =) 
yumi and eeleng with me on this amazing day of our life! 
thank you for coming to my convocation, it really means alot to me =) 
ohh flowers =D! 
my awkward face while talking on the phone. 
yellow yellow yellow! =) 
that's me on the stage! receiving an empty file =='' 
and the file is apparently still empty until now.
my lovely mama! =) 
thanks to her, i can achieve what am i today. 
without her, i will not be here today. therefore i am very grateful 
baby boy along with mama and min fei! 
thanks to you for coming too! it really means so much to me. =) 
dear eeleng, yumi and cai fen! 
we still have a long way to go =D! 
we will make it to degree and wear that freaking graduation cap again after 2 years!