Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hi MAY! =)

haven't update my blog in the longest time! 
well, finally it's may... 
and i sincerely apologizes for not updating my blog since february =( 
lately there is so much happening in my life! 
well , as most people do know about the political issues in Malaysia is stirring up quite a big pile of mess... 
and i know that alot of people pleaded help *including me*
well, sometimes in life we just need help from someone else. 
well, just so you know finally it's been a year since i am with you =) 
time flies so fast... in a blink of an eye i am already one year together with you 
can you believe it? 
well , personally i really like long term relationship. 
but i wasn't able to experienced it till now. 
and lately i am crazy about running man. 
yeah thanks alfred for keep on telling me about it, and I am seriously watching it like mad now online. 
time to watch running man again! 
stop bugging me ! I wanna watch running man =D! 
don't ask me about G-Dragon anymore please! =( 
his one of a kind concert. 
the possibility of me not going, is quite high! 
lately i am broke, paying for my flight ticket to hong kong next year... and mother day coming up soon~ 
i really don't have extra money to spend on g-dragon oppa concert anymore. 
so.. i might just stare at him 
from far away distance. =(