Monday, August 12, 2013

What am i typing?

Since i have nothing to blog about, i was thinking about blogging what's on my mind... 
well, what is love? 
the definition of love is quite general.. 
but to me, i think love that is when the feeling you have towards them get treated in return
i think that, this is love. 
well, what if the feeling that i had towards that particular person but that person doesn't feel that way... 
well like i said, love is quite general in terms of the words. 
many people have different types of love, different ways of loving people
but i know that in the end i still love you, and that's all that matter.
why am i talking about this topic in particular? 
well, frankly i am not sure. 
but deep down inside me, i felt like a part of me had already surrender to you. 
i felt that he is the right man for me, i am sure of it. 
being with you, it really makes me feel complete. 
sometimes others asked me, there are other guys better, much more capable, stable income and so on.. 
so what? even if the other guys are much more better and capable in anything 
if he doesn't treat me right, why do i need to be with him in the first place? 
yes, sometimes i do get envious of seeing other girls my age getting pampered with luxury stuff
but, in the end their relationship doesn't last... 
i don't want to have materials if i can't really have you. 
not to say that i am not materialistic, i admit that i am. 
i like branded stuff, and honestly i love louis vuitton. 
if i have they money, i will want all my bags to be louis vuitton
but too bad, i am not from a rich family. 
i couldn't afford to buy all those expensive branded bags.
what's much more important to me now is that finally i think that i had found the right guy. 
and a little part of me inside is saying ' hold on to this, don't let go.'
now i am trying to hold on to the promise that i made to myself and to you
don't ever leave you, i write this for myself .
whenever i am in doubt, i had to think things through..
i would look at this post, that reminded me of the love that you had showered me in and be glad that i had finally found you after so long. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Tones of updates !

I didn't blog for the month of june. =( 
sometimes i really think that i can't actually blog properly, i have not much things to do... 
unlike my sister, everyday also have something to post about. 
so time for updates!! =D
so last month i went to singapore! 
i haven't been to singapore in a long long time... 
and i used to went there once when i was like 14/15? 
i can't remember much, all i remembered was the sentosa island that we passed by 
and singapore doesn't allow people to eat chewing gum and are pretty strict about the whole gum situation thingy... 
well, at least they done a good job in keeping the environment clean. 
unlike malaysia. eventhough i live in malaysia but the streets are really dirty sometimes
trash everywhere, chewing gum under the tables and chairs... 
okay, well back to topic =)
went to singapore with baby boy and his mum from 25june - 1st july. 
and this was the second time i been to singapore and let me tell you that SINGAPOREANS sleep way too early... 
i mean like seriously, no mamak
how can you survive without any mamak?!!! 
holla, my pink dolphine! 
hahaha, i been bugging about buying this drink ever since i went to singapore.. 
well, since the movie 'i not stupid' had this drink! 
i must try it no matter what.... 
but it tasted so so only, should add more peach flavour in it !!
the first day at singapore and sun was shining brightly! 
the haze was gone when i went to singapore, and the haze in KL was pretty pretty bad. 
basically it was worst then genting highland fog.
basically did a lot of walking and sitting mrt... 
lol, i prefer malaysia! 
driving car and stuck in the jam. i love driving =) 
such cute entrance ticket!
yay me! haha, i am dying/desperate to go there. 
lol, i am like a kid wanting to go to disneyland!
well, at least i experienced disneyland before, so why not universal? am i right? 
basically, it was quite hard to get the universal word it place... 
we had to wait for it to turn god knows how many times just to see the words. =( 
haha, cute korean girl at the side. maybe i should pose like that someday xD
but i think i will kill myself before that. 
and i was finding to take picture with marilyn monroe... 
i think that she only appear almost the closing time of the theme park? 
her slang was so hard to understand at first. 
i couldn't hear properly what she was saying =( 
but still manage to get a picture! yay xD
the first ride that i sat was transformers
and guess what my favourite character is bumble bee! 
haha, i just feel like stealing this car back to malaysia 
damn, it was so pretty there. 
it was quite dizzy for me, i didn't expect to be nausea or something 
but i guess i just couldn't handle that awesome ride. 
the waiting line before the ride was kinda awesome... 
well, i expected something like that ever since i went to disneyland
the part of all sparks that were being placed in the 'base' 
well, after this ride i didn't actually take much photos. 
cause there were too many people but i really had fun =) 
and i had ichiban boshi the next day for lunch 
it was yummy! singapore's ichiban boshi is way better than malaysia's 
i am such a huge fan of salmon =D
and especially roasted salmon sushi, i wouldn't miss it !
and don't you love sashimi?!!! 
well, i didn't take a photo of the sashimi... too bad =( 
more than just sushi... 
errr ya, they have also donburi... lol 
i am just teasing ==''
and it is a must to try this tau huey! 
which is also known as tau foo fa for some people... 
beancurd in english =D
this is rochor tau huey! 
go google where it is! if i didn't forget it is nearby simsville apartment 
nearby geylang lor 24? i think so.. go google it! 
i am not accurate. don't blame me later saying you can't find it.
overall singapore was a very nice place, i just couldn't stand their night life... 
it was so boring that i am dying to come back to malaysia every night.
the month of july was also baby boy's birthday and graduation! =D
my big boy finally graduated! yay, and he is going to give me allowance every month. 
hahaha, well no way! just kidding. 
i have my own earnings of course. =D! i am strong and independent! 
well, that's all for now! gonna post about my birthday soon enough. 
it has already passed, but still thanks for all the amazing people that celebrated with me and also wished me! 
i am glad and happy to have you in my life, i feel so blessed =)