Thursday, September 26, 2013


The title says it all that i am jelly jelly =( 
my mum is having such a fun time at italy!!! 
arghh! how i wish to go there too 
too too bad that i am working!! 
i really love european countries, i like their culture and buildings.. 
it is basically just so unique and had a special characteristic about the building
haha, i am talking like an old aunty now about the building~ 
pish poshhh... 
so well lately i went to milestone training. 
well, it might sound that like i am selling the training but actually i am not 
i really want to thank all those amazing people that made a differences in my life
and especially my best friend leong ee leng for taking risk in me, that had me change and made me see a better me =) 
to all these amazing people in my life, thank you! =D
and i love all of you so much! 
my group leader with yuki =D! 
i am almost the same height with my group leader, can you imagine how tall he is? 
mum said that i gained weight in this picture =( 
well i think so too~ 
eating in a mamak? what's make you think that i will lose weight? 
i really thank you deep down from my heart so seeing the posibilities in me to change, and had made my life a better place! i can be a better me thanks to you. i am truly grateful to have you in my life. 
my most amazing group! i love you guys so much and thank you for giving me so many support!!! 
i wonder who's finger is that in the bottom right.. ==''
this training made me to become a better person in my life, and i am not bragging about it. 
i miss travelling, i wanna go travelling! =( 
sobs, i am being so random now.. 
gotta go and sleep now. =D! 
nights people, share the love!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello September!

well well, it is september already! 
time really flies this year... 
suddenly it is end of the year already... 
so lately been watching korean drama again! 
i am totally addicted to the new korean drama called ' the master's sun'
it is a mixture of horror, drama and romance! 
oh so romantic.. i kinda love those shows/ movies that are scary
haha, well this certainly attracted my attention! 
is a must watch! 
well, alot has happened as well in the past month 
was pretty hectic with all my assignments and also placement that my college requires me to do =( 
well, sometimes i still wish that i have a camera!
it will be much much easier just to take photo and update at my blog! 
i enjoy blogging, but somehow without pictures i still think it is hard to share..
went zouk for merdeka countdown on august 30th! 
haha, spot me with red lipstick! 
hahaha, it was weird for me to wear red lipstick and indeed it was my first time trying on such bold colour! 
i hope that i can really update my blog more often! 
although i keep on making excuses, that i am lazy! 
but i really do like blogging and really thought about vlogging also.. 
think think... might be just the fact that i am lazy! =(