Thursday, November 14, 2013


November is here! 
and it is almost end of the year. =='' 
alot of things happen, ups and downs. 
everything was once in a fucked up state, but hey! I pulled it through~ 
let me tell you that, wow! 
parents, you are so romantic on valentine day! 
and congratulations for it. xD! 
i tend to mock my friends that have birthday on november, hahaha. 
they are meant for me to mock at =P! 
november 2nd babe Yumi Lim =) 
never though that i will become best friends with her. hahaha
seriously, she is the craziest bitch that i could ever have! 
when i am happy, sad everything! she would just be there for me, and for that i am glad to really met her in my life! 
i truly treasure her so much! haha, couldn't wait next year when we are going to overseas together! 
it is gonna be one hell of a ride xD~ 
gosh, i look so dark here! T_T
had an awesome meet up with these guys at yumi's birthday party! 
i seriously love this photo, i look so pretty xD! 
hahaha, why i am so perasan!? 
lots and lots of birthday! omg~ 
valentine's day must be really happening 21 years ago! xD~ 
By the way, taeyang's ringa linga is finally out. 
i am a little late to post this =='' 
but omg, he looks so amazing in the video as usual 
i love his blonde hair. 
finally some hair makeover! yay~ 
i was getting bored with his black hair.. lol!
but honestly, i don't like him tying braids. 
i prefer his mohawk hairstyle~ 
he is killing me. 
g-dragon new song is out too! WHO YOU! 
T.O.P is coming out with new song too. can't wait! 
his teaser picture is so cute 
i really couldn't understand what's with that bald baby. ==''
with that sepet eyes. lol. i have sepet eyes too (-.-)

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