Friday, December 20, 2013


It is end of december. 
like what the hell?! already, again so fast another year passby! 
seriously i am getting old quite fast lately. ==''
haha so lately, been hitting up mission q lately =) 
if you don't know what mission q is... 
well, it is actually an escape game! 
woohoo, and hell i liked it alot! like every single escape game in malaysia i must try 
haha my to do list =P 
the first time i went with my partner in crime. 
lol, and actually got out in less than 1 hour 
well, honestly we left 10 minutes inside there~ 
and was shouting and panicking like hell inside ==''
and i went the second time with a bunch of friends
we lost =(!
we couldn't get out in time. 
it was so close! we were 63% complete! ARGHHH.. 
hahahaha, nevermind! 
i shall conquer you next time again~ 
christmas is coming really soon
well to be exact 5 more days =) 
well, i was actually thinking of cutting a fringe and also dying my hair again =( 
i am so bored of this semi black and brown colour! 
lol, hair! PLEASE INSPIRE ME ! 
say hello to my goddess~ 
pretty right?! 
don't know whether i should really cut my fringe like that. 
omg, she looks like a doll. 
i look more like a zombie. LOL! 
i look like a kid with my fringe. =( 
from this look i changed into a 
lol, not sure whether to cut fringe again anot. 
too many doubts =( 
afraid that it will not suit my face and all those! 
recap of 2013? haha no thanks. xD! 
i am so lazy to do all these things. 
i am still thinking... to cut or not to cut?!
to dye or not to dye. =( 

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