Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hong Kong Trip

haha HELLO! lazy me =( only get to update my blog after january 2014 and after the chinese new year
pardon for my laziness !!! 
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well, so now what's going on with my life? 
january 7th-12th 2014 
went to hong kong with my bunch of crazy friends! =) 
had a great great time there, eventhough my baby boy couldn't join me 
but well, i love travelling!! 
sponsor me for travelling please. xD! 
with bunch of lovelies... 
hong kong was cold, but i am loving the weather there. 
not so hot, cooling just like the aircond in my house! 
i seriously cannot stand malaysia's weather... =( 
but what to do? i am a malaysian! 
as you can see, my friend wrapped herself like a dumpling =='' 
while i am just wearing a simple sweater that's all~ 
this was in macau~ and i love the weather there. 
i always saw this beautiful building in the hong kong drama show.. 
when i get to see it in real life, i was amazed! 
it is so beautiful upclose... 
i never really once praise a building for being so beautiful, but this is really so beautiful.. 
had the most amazing egg tarts and also polo buns.. 
hong kong is famous for these snacks, and also alot of other stuffs. 
their restaurants really looks like the one in the drama show..
small, packed, noisy and hell of no manners! hahaha~ 
but i get to experience their true culture there, which is a good thing! 
some of you guys might be wondering, what the hell is this?! 
well, this is a bunch of siu mai, fishball and some other stuff that i don't really know.. 
since my cantonese was really bad, i usually won't do the speaking =( 
i would asked my friends to do it for me.. 
haha, i sucks at speaking cantonese!! 
back to the pile of thing on the top, well that is some street snacks! 
it tasted quite awesome, haha. 
spicy and bouncy! i really always wanted to tried curry fishball in hong kong and i glad i did it =) 
please go to hong kong, try it! 
well, my shop is in mong kok if you are wondering... 
couldn't exactly recall the name of the shop =( sorry! 
steam milk... 
something new for me to try! 
well, it is something like tau foo fa~ but this is the milk version of it! 
this is the BOMB! 
haha, it is just simple instant noodles with some spring onions, vege and chicken as you can see in the picture. 
but it taste awesome... xD! 
frankly speaking i been to hong kong for few days, almost everyday i will surely eat instant noodles. 
cause it is their culture, even restaurant serves instant noodles and it is considered a meal already. 
 if you didn't eat dim sum in hong kong, it means that you have never really experience hong kong yet!! 
we queued up for so long just to eat a simple meal of dim sum, hong kong people loves their dim sum~ 
chubby face me with the background scenery of hong kong during the night~ 
it was so pretty... i mean the scenery of course. 
lol, i definetly gained weight there in hong kong~ 
and alot alot of pimples there too =( 
so sadd!! my face was horrible when i came back to malaysia.. 
and until now it still hasn't recovered yet! 
god, why you are so cruel to me? T_T
my seemingly round face with a bit of fats in between. 
thank you to you tour guide for bringing us around! 
and never even got angry for us being so slow =) 
group photo of us~ 
and we actually waited the boat so that we can get a picture that feels like HONG KONG. 
haha, lame right? xD
another instant mee delicacies. 
haha well, this is the cheese noodle! 
it looks kinda cheesy, but it is not. 
my dream came true, as i look at this beautiful scenery! 
this food is kinda cute right? hahaha
it is called zha liong~ lol cantonese.. 
it is yau zha guai wrapped with chee cheong fun... dipped in soya sauce. 
it was nice, people there ate it with soya bean and also porridge too~ 
the famous tai lai loi kei pork bun in macau! 
it is kinda dry as the bun was quite hard... but the pork was juicy and nice! 
us in macau~ =) 
again, another instant mee. lol!!! 
haha, got really tired of instant mee already! =( 
ya, find this shop in macau! lol
they serve steam milk and also the instant noodle as shown above in the picture!!! 
lol, i am quite lazy to explain much~ 
cause basically it was quite an exciting trip, and stuffed like a fat pig there.. 
haha everyday also eat eat eat eat eat eat.. 
what i did there was really the routine of sleep,eat,walk,shop..
ahh, that life!! xD~ 
stay tuned for my next blog post! 
promise won't be long~ as i wanted to keep my this year resolution going on which is to update the blog more frequently!! 
i am a very lazy person, i am so lazy to on my laptop! =( 
will talk more about my chinese new year, escape room and my new hair colour! 
which obviously now has faded.. well, some of it is still there thou~