Friday, April 18, 2014

The-oh-so-late thailand post

wulala~ UPDATE! =) 
haha, so busy with everything and my stupid laptop wifi thingy is not working! it is making me so frustrating. 
looking back at my blog post, i realised that i did not update about chinese new year. 
what the hell?! why i didn't do that?! 
but since it was so long ago, i decided not to update about it. 
basically is not much, because hell damn! 
i always lose money =='' the whole duration i was losing my money... 
speechless, even went up to genting i was also losing money~ talking about luck... 
well since i haven't updated about my long long time ago thailand trip post. 
i decided to do it now, because well my blog looked so lost. 
went to thailand with my family for 4 days... and hell it was hot there. 
i hate the sunny days, i love winter. 
this is me sitting in the store staring at my mum eating.. 
i love my nose,  it is real. don't believe you can come and touch it! 
so when we landed at thailand, my sister friend's family bring us for a nice thailand meal. 
which is think also quite costly, because it is inside the shopping mall. 
green curry.. missing it already! =( 
tom yum soup. it is much more tasty in thailand. 
this is i don't know what kind of vegetable is this... but it taste awesome~ 
this is the thailand version of popiah i suppose?
popiah is a dish in malaysia that chinese like to eat, go goggle it. lol 
it looks like this, but not that transparent... 
kinda looks like kangkung belacan here... 
water spinach is english for the word kangkung
this is some kind of rice crisps with gravy, is it counted as a snack? 
cause it taste and looks like snack to me. 
thai people, answer me. lol
day 1 we didn't not go anywhere much because i forgot what i was doing there... ==''
at night, we have another round of dinner again. 
which also looks expensive.... i think?
the famous pad thai.. honestly, when i came back from thailand.. 
i didn't want to eat pad thai anymore, i had enough in thailand and also tom yam! 
right now, i also have phobia towards it... hahaha don't ask me to eat thai food
this is also a famous dish in thailand, it looks kinda simple. 
rice, eggs, minced pork. a simple yet delicious meal. 
i forgot the name again, as usual. i don't remember the names! =( 
this is basically fishball soup with hor fun. lol! 
my sister ordered this.. lol~ god knows why.. 
seriously, the people in thailand have very small stomach i suppose?
their portion of food is so small, that it made me look like a giant eating food. 
because i just can't seem to get full!!! 
after dinner it is swensen time! =D~ 
yay, i love desserts... especially cakes and ice cream 
i ordered this, it has the rocky road ice cream which is very famous in america i suppose?
because i watch american tv shows and those people in the show like to order rocky road... lol
there is swensens in malaysia, but people are not into them so much here. 
we prefer haagen-dazs and baskin robbins, or even mcdonalds ice cream
mango sister had a weird taste for ice cream. hahaha 
because i only eat chocolate flavoured ice cream.
after everything, anoher round of food hunting at the night market in bangkok! 
i had this at the road side, i love eating at dirty places. xD! 
this is some sort of herbal chicken noodle soup. 
and how funny it is that thai people like to put sugar in everything they eat... 
i mean we do add a little sugar in food too, but they will add until that whole dish is so sweet.. 
that it is so sweet, it taste more like desserts... 
day 1 ended me being so fat and gained weight like hell.
but at the same time my stomach is happy, no point to complain right?
for i have the motto live to eat. HAHAHAHAHA
shall end this short post here. will post more about thailand trip soon again. maybe 1 month later. ==''