Saturday, May 3, 2014

Big Bang thinking of you fan meeting.

Have to hold up on my thailand post awhile. 
i been just so lazy to on my laptop, and my laptop is dead i think... 
the stupid wifi is not working!!! 
i hate it, time to buy a macbook pro! 
so the title says it all. big bang thinking of you fan meeting. 
this meeting was like quite long ago already, but now i only manage to update it. =( 
sometimes i am just so fed up of my laptop!!! just wanted to throw it away. 
so i went for Big Bang Thinking of you fan meeting in Malaysia! 
hurray =D! 
i was a happy happy girl that i can get to see them so close! 
because i bought vvip tickets!
i get free light sticks! YAY! =D and a free tshirt. 
was waiting outside to line up to go inside. 
i have to admit that the event organizer SUCKS. 
they don't organize properly, no wonder they deserve my scoldings. 
sunway lagoon was like damn big, and i had to run from the top to the bottom
i almost vomitted when i reached to the bottom of sunway lagoon. 
all the teenagers was running so fast, i had no choice but to keep up! 
lol, free standing =( 
have to sacrifice my fats abit. 
me and my unnie =) 
we got new version of lightsticks. 
so happy happy! 
the stage wasn't quite far from me.. 
so i am pretty glad that i got the vvip tickets! 
they were like so close to me =( 
omg, i wanted to go up to the stage and hug them! 
seungri was sick when he was in malaysia, poor panda couldn't have any voice to sing. 
even when he speak it was like so soft. 
taeyang.. ooh my oppaaa! 
seungri was lip syncing. 
but i don't blame him, he couldn't even speak man! 
it wasn't clear, but it was gdragon. 
this mini fan meeting lasted for about more than two hours i think?
i took more videos than photos so the photos were kinda limited to upload here as you can see.... 
because it was raining, i was pouring wet. 
it looked like i just came out of a shower.. 
make up and eyeliner smudge... lol 
but it was surely worth it! 
to be frank, i am too lazy to upload the videos. =(